Last Minute Rides....Who's In?


Loading the car for a ride and could be convinced to ride in HRM, Gore, or the Valley. Let me know ASAP if you want to join me.


Where is the riding going on tomorrow? Anyone doing gore?


Riding McFight tonight. Time TBA. Let me know if you want to join.




Thinking Grey Mountain in Falmouth after work today. ‘After work’ is not the same for everyone, and for me today it’ll be probably between 5 and 5:30.

I don’t really know all the trails, so I’m not much of a guide, but I am enthusiastic. So that makes up for lack of knowledge, skills, etc.


Any rides Friday evening?


Darkside Friday Spider at 6:30pm. Intermediate ride.


I’ll be there


Not looking like I will make it on time or maybe at all. I am ok but but my car got rear ended. Waiting to be picked up by the rental car company.


Sorry to hear. I’ll go visit fight instead.


Shitty dude!


Bike ok? :laughing:


Where’s going to be good to ride tomorrow?

I’ve a self generated pass out with the grass being too wet to cut.


Anywhere with lots of granite…fight, flipside, evil birch. Or lots of crusher dust…shubie, mcdonald sport park, etc.




Leaving shortly for a ride in HRM. Let me know if you want to join. On th fence about where to ride.


Talk about last minute: Spider in Twenty!


Anyone riding Halifax side this Friday evening?


Gore at 11am!


Riding this afternoon. Starting in time to keep it in the daylight!