Last Minute Rides....Who's In?


Lots of snowshoing at daminion too. I think it is trail runners. Not sure how far they go though.


Met @JonMacD in there too. He said its stomped all the way through flipside.


Not exactly last minute, but I’m taking Wednesday off and planning to hit Fight since it’s in such good shape right now. Just need to swap over from fat to 29+ first. I want to get there early and hoping for a good 2-3 hours of riding before the sun softens up the few wet spots. Who’s in?


Intermediate pace Fight Trail ride at 12:30pm.


Heading to McIntosh Run (aka McFight) for 5:45pm. Will either play on the front door trails (Osprey, spar, attic, basement, etc.) or tackle Lake Loop/bloodline if I have company.


Nice weather for Friday and I’m taking the day off work, will be heading to McIntosh Run and hoping that there isn’t much snow left from the recent storm. Happy to have folks tag along! My loose plan is to ride Bloodline / Lake Loop and session some features in an attempt to get better at this trail and learn the lines. Happy to have some company.


what time do you think you would be going? that’s if you wouldn’t mind me coming along


Probably around 11:30am or so, but flexible with timing. Happy to have company!


sadly I will have school tomorrow untill around 2:30 so I will be unable to come


i’m going to fight for probably 3:30 anyone can come


Fight 11 am tommorow!


i might go to fight tomorrow if my bikes back from the shop in time, i highly doubt im your skill level and would not want to hold you back


I haven’t been out yet this season and am possibly game for tomorrow at 11. I need to find out if my wife has to go in to work in the morning. I’ll post an update in the morning.

Edit…Wife doesn’t need to work tomorrow morning which means I’ll be there!


Alright! Long time no see!


Starting at the trailhead at the end of Alabaster?


That Spar Trail Head just up from there.


Going to see if I can use some lieue time and get off work early… hopefully see you guys out on the trail.

It’s just too nice out to be working today


Heading to Fight this afternoon with @nwmenz and company. Fairly easy pace, mostly “front door” trails. No set time yet so can adjust if someone wants to come with. @brodymtb?


i can come, i just need to get my bike back from the shop, i should be getting it sometime between 10 and 12 so any time after then should be good for me, i will post again one i get it to make sure

Edit…i’m picking it up at 12


Aiming to start at 1:30 at the Cul de Sac trailhead where Osprey and I/O start. Probably warmup with a ride to Spar and go across Nuthin Fancy, maybe look at the old entrance? Will play it by ear from there.