Last Minute Rides....Who's In?

i’ll be there

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Hoping to get off work around 2 and be there around 230

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i probably gonna be riding fight around 3:30-4:00 if anyone wants to join me

I’m planning on heading down to Norawarren Friday at 6. Though, I could be a bit later as my usual route to the armdale rotary is closed.

Rain has cancelled Victoria’s Secret and the Victoria Day ride in Vic Park, and it looks like Sunday might be the only decent day to go for a ride. Who’s in for either Gray Mountain (Falmouth) or McIntosh Run hitting some front-door trails and Bloodline + Lake Loop on Sunday? (Open to other options!)


Riding McFight around 6:30 tonight

Riding Victoria Park tonight at an intermediate pace. Would love a tour guide.

Barron said you were hitting it. Was gonna hop on for it but just got off work! Maybe next time! Hope you had a good ride!

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How were the trails?

Taking a hike… (not riding) at Nine Mile River at 2:30. Planning to explore some old doubletrack. Looking for routes down to the broken bridge on the Hemlock Loop (slog loop) to bring equipment and materials to repair the bridge. Would love to have some company. Be prepared to bushwack.

Running late. Will be at Nine Mile at 3:00.

Feel free to post this as a ride event.

The “Last Minute Rides” is best suited for 3-4 hours notice. Otherwise it will get buried.


I’m off tomorrow and with the forecast I will definitely be riding earlier in the day if anyone wants to join. Thinking Whopper or Attic. Thinking of 11 or noon start. Let me know, i’m flexible.

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McFight Sunday… maybe 2:30ish

Vic Park 11 am lower lot.

Leaving porters lake at 9 for Vic park any trails to avoid?

@TrainingWheels McCabes loop is the only one that I can think of that would be swampy, everything I rode yesterday was awesome!

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I agree I had a blast… was going to do McCabes but yeah way too swampy. Hopefully it would dry out eventually I haven’t had a chance to ride the loop but looks like it would be a blast.

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I’m going to be in Wolfville this afternoon, hoping to ride Reservoir Park at 2pm.
Never been, any trail guides around or recommendations on what to ride?

It’s not that big. Check Trailforks and ride all of it.