LF: Top Tube Protection ideas

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for some sort of protection for the top tube of my XC bike, the bike has been ride wrapped but in the event of a crash or other event where the bars spin around, the levers come in contact with the frame. Just need something that is more robust than the ride wrap to help protect the frame and paint. I’m open to suggestions. Ideally something stealthy. And yes the controls are not purple face tight, but even with them loose enough to move in a crash they will still scuff the frame. Hoping someone can help me out.


All Mountain Style guards might do the trick, they have some subtle options and the material is pretty durable.

I considered getting that. But I literally only need a 2x2 inch piece, so ideally I don’t Want to spend that much. But I may need to unfortunately. :frowning:

I had the same issue on my Anthem. I could either run my levers parallel to the ground or risk smashing the top tube in a crash.

In the end I went to a body shop (not The Body Shop) and got some off cuts of 3M protective film they put on cars to protect against stone chips. I put 3 layers to strengthen and protect on just where the tube would get hit. It worked.


The only piece of got left died in my tool box.

It doesn’t have a 3M product code printed on it.

I run my brake levers relatively far down, and inboard, is when it hits, it hits. I looked into lizard skins leather, it looks like it would do the job. It’s quite thick. Not sure if it would work well but may be worth a shot.

I think I have some extra pieces maybe that size. I can check in a couple days.

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Oh that would be great! Thank you!

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2” clear gorilla tape… could layer it up and would not be that noticeable. Also could wind the tape around the tube where the brakes might hit the frame.


Bean can!


Trek makes a stem that stops the bars forget what it’s called.

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Knock block


UHMW tape is great for cable rub or chain stay areas. The link below is for the 1" but you can get it in different sizes.


My Trek has Knock Block stem. Works great . Although it’s disappointing that I can’t do bar spins when I get big air. It’s always been the last move in my best sequence. Right after the superman can can


I just order a set of these, Hoping they look good on the new bike

I can’t believe there has not been a single suggestion for a Roach top tube pad!roach-top-tube-pad-new_9961935

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It’s funny, I never liked knock block, but now I really like the idea :joy:

Is it soft and mouldable or more firm? This could be great idea.

I used to enter an annual 50km race that had a le man’s start across a river and a short unridable hill climb. This would have been awesome.

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