Lighting setups for evening/night rides

Saw a thread from 2015 on here discussing lights a bit, guessing things have changed a bit in terms of whats available now. Thinking it won’t be long before the 7pm group rides start requiring some illumination, just wondering what people are using and find to be a good value. Using bar mounted, helmet mounted or both? Was looking at some of the Gemini stuff based on reviews but unsure if thats overkill or just right.

Both when possible, helmet mounted if you only have one. Mounting only on the bars is fine for the road, but going up a little bump will have your riding into the other side blind.

Here’s an example of what that can look like:


I think you accidentally linked to a clip from The Blair Witch Project… By the looks of that, definitely going to need at least a helmet mounted light.


Definitely a helmet/bar combo is the best setup, but if you only have one then mount it on your helmet, which ensures you have light in the direction you are looking.

Adding a second light on the bars provides light from a different angle than your helmet, which produces some contrasting shadows to aid with depth perception, etc.

There is no such thing as too much light, so buy one with as many lumens as you can reasonably afford. I run a Lezyne 1100 lumen and a Light&Motion 700 lumen setup. At the low end though, you will want a minimum of 200-300 lumens for riding singletrack safely.

I prefer lights with self-contained battery units to avoid having to deal with battery packs and cables. They are a bit heavier on the helmet, but that’s a trade off I’m willing to make for the convenience of a self contained unit.


I don’t use a helmet but I have a 2000 lumens on my handle bars and sometimes I put two.

I’ve had issues with certain helmet mount lights that were too heavy and torqued my helmet when riding. So go with lumens but weight is important too.

Having two lights has a safety margin in case one goes out at a critical moment.

The heavier one was causing me issues:
MEC Apex 750 USB Front Light - 162g
Light & Motion Urban 500 Light | MEC - 121g

They are both the same price.

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Picked up a couple of these last fall and the corresponding helmet mount as I had read a decent review somewhere ( and they were in stock at Cyclesmith prior to a last minute ride. Other than the price, have been super happy with them. No concerns so far with battery life in cold/wet. Brightness seems fantastic.
I run one on the bars and one on the helmet, and can easily swap around to meet my needs say if one loses power or gets damaged in a crash.
Bontrager Ion Pro RT Front Bike Light -


Running a light and motion seca 1500 helmet mount that I found on ebay for a good price. We’re pretty much a lightand motion household now - @CyclingGirl runs a seca 900, but we still have our old ARC hid and stella 500 lights for backups. Nice thing is all the batteries are interchangeable so we have good backup power. I also have a Planet Bike 500 bar mount for a backup. Would recommend having a second light for backup. Nothing like running out of battery when you’re several kms in the woods.

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I run:

Gemini Duo 1500 on my helmet. I run a long cord down my back to my fanny pack because I don’t like the battery weight on my head.

Serfas E-Lume 1200 on my bar. It doesn’t have the widest spread but I wanted an integrated battery light.

And I also carry a Lezyne 250 Zecto Drive with me because it’s small and doesn’t take up any room.


I prefer a helmet mount. I’m using a ravemen 1600 pr. RAVEMEN-Wireless Switch Control Headlight

The awesome thing about this light is that it comes with a wireless remote so it can be controlled on your helmet from your handlebar. It can also be used to charge other devices like your phone from a second port on the back. They are available at Valley Stove and Cycle.


How do you like your Lezyne light? Would you go with more lumens if possible?

The more lumens the better!

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What @drolls @JeffV said.
perfect setup tried and tested.

@DHRider I really like the Lezyne. It’s well built and sturdy. Also it came with a bunch of different mounting attachments.

Of course the more lumens the better, but it’s plenty bright for me.

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Thanks for the reply @Rolls. I’m getting geared up to try night riding for the first time in 20yrs of riding :raised_hands:


I recently broke a strap on one of my lights, and was ordering a replacement strap from and decided to look at some lights. Thought I’d pick up a new one, but they won’t ship the lights to Canada because of the batteries (classified as dangerous goods). So I’m curious: from where is everyone planning to get their lights? I’m not sure if this is a Jensen specific thing, a USA thing, etc.

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I’ve ordered two lights at different times last year from Chain Reaction Cycles with no issues at all.

Used to get mine from China but same thing, they stopped shipping because of the batteries. My latest came from ProBikeKit last fall. No issues.

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Thanks Derek, just ordered myself some new lights. :smiley: I don’t know if your link has a referral code in it, but if not, folks can feel free to use mine:


What did you go with?