Local shop in the news


Every other shop in the province is also open for business and taking steps to ensure public safety as well…


Yup, bike shops are considered an essential service I believe. Too bad the article didn’t feature some of the other shops as well.

Huh, took longer than I thought it would.

I think it’s because, as illustrated in the article, that this business is going beyond the scope of cutting and pasting the same policy that every other business/bike shop is posting. Also, sales are up, their online sales are going well, their staff are being thanked and appreciated and at the same time being paid for a week’s work while working only three days. Geez, folks, try not to be so down.


Sorry if I came across negative, wasn’t my intention.
“Even though they’re only working three days a week right now, he’s paying them their full-time salaries.”
This is awesome! I think these are the good news stories we in the bike community need and I hope to hear see more!

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Not being negative here either, they aren’t really doing anything drastically different than the other shops around HRM or across the country from what I have researched. I’m just spreading the love to the other shops who are all trying to get business done for their customers in a difficult time.


Well no, it’s not like they’re giving unicorn rides with every visit but I do think that they are going beyond the bare minimum which is what most shops that haven’t closed are doing. If anything, they are at least communicating this to the community better than most (based on the social media I’ve seen coming out of there compared to other shops)

You are making assumptions and I’m sure you know where that leads…

Just because they are talking the most doesn’t mean they are doing anything safer than anyone else or doing it any better. I haven’t seen any examples of anyone around town doing the “bare minimum” In fact several shops have gone above and closed their doors to browsing traffic completely, while staying open for repairs, long before this article happened.

Like I said, if anything, they are better at communicating their response to this situation than others.