Looking for a center lock socket

Good evening all! The front center lock rotor on my Shimano Saint hub seems to be loose. I’m getting about 0.5mm of play and I hate sounds on my bike… Wondering if anyone in town has the socket to fit this so I can try and tighten it? I’ll bring my wheel to wherever you are around Halifax. I could try a bike shop but getting there before they close is an issue. Thanks in advance!

Which type? Teeth on the inner edge of the lock ring or the outer edge?

I think the Saint one is larger than the standard cassette tool. Might be wrong though.

Outer edge, it’s a large diameter. Larger than my cassette tool for sure. Worst case Ontario I’ll make something.

If it’s teeth on the outer edge I believe a Shimano external bottom bracket tool will do the trick.

Sorry, I misunderstood. Internal engagement, on the outer edge. Requires male tool, rather than female like the BB.

Ok, now I’m getting confused! Shimano external BB tool has teeth around the inner circumference of the tool like this:

I guess I should have said grooves on the outer edge not teeth in my post above. That probably caused the confusion.

Would be similar to this:
Shimano Saint Rotor Lockring Tool - Black | Brake Spares | In The Know Cycling

Which is about 1.5x larger than my cassette removal tool.

Shoot, yeah my center locks use the tool I pictured. I don’t have the tool you need unfortunately.

I appreciate it all the same!

For others wodnering, here is some more detail:
" 1. The cassette-tool spline is too small for 15mm and 20mm thru axles, so Shimano introduced lockrings that use an external spline - the Saint SM-HB20 and XT M8010 lockrings. They use the 16-notch, 44mm diameter spline that is used on most Shimano Hollowtech II BBs - you need Shimano TL-FC32 or TL-FC36, Park Tool BBT-9 or BBT-69.2, Pedro 16x44 BB Socket, or similar."

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SM-HB20 uses the tool I pictured. Is your Saint hub the older M800? Maybe a quick pic of your lock ring?

Good god I hate the mountain bike industry for this crap…Why can’t things be standardized…

If that’s true, than what I posted is wrong. It is indeed the M800, and requires a tool that is the opposite of the one you posted as it needs to insert into the front wheel much like a cassette remover, but larger diameter.

Search of the manual says TL-LR20 is the tool.


Yeah, like I said, you need the guy on the right. I think. I haven’t really kept up with the changes over the past few years



Yes that’s the one!

Because people wanted lock on rotors on thru axle front hubs and you can’t fit a thru axle through what was the standard size.

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Good to know!

Unfortunately, I am not “in town”.

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My drive to get this resolved so I can ride today or tomorrow, will likely end up with me just cutting up some metal at the shop and creating the tool. But that will be time consuming.

How far away are you?

About an hour and a half.

Haha quite a ways then. All good, weather tonight isn’t great. Sportwheels will get me sorted in the morning. Cheers all the same!