Meters climbed

Pink bike has an article about a dude that did 1 milliion feet of climbing in one year. Made me wonder how we all stack up for km and meters climbed.
I’m way behind on the Challenge for 2015, but here’s where I sit:

Distance	    560.5km
Time	            67h52m
Elev Gain	    5,110m
Rides	              61

Distance 1,224.6 km
Time 89h 8m
Elev Gain 13,384 m
Rides 46

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I looked at my last 3 years and the ratio of meters climbed to kms ridden was 12,. 10, 9. Which indicates I need more mountain in my diet. :goat:

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My numbers include 400km-ish winter and spring road riding but I should hit my 1000km off road goal this year as long as fall and early winter are good weather-wise.

Distance 9,365 km
Elev Gain 91,580 m

Elev Gain : Distance Ratio is under 10m:1km since we spent 3 weeks cycle touring in the Netherlands, NW Germany, and Denmark. Only one day in Denmark was comparable to a day of riding (road) here in terms of elevation gain. Head winds were another story, though.


still short of my yearly goal, but we still have some decent weather ahead…

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Still a few months to go…


That’s an insane amount of climbing, @tossedsalad! Just incredible.

This is going to be my best year in the saddle in all of my 42 years, but I suspect I’ll fall a little short of my 6,000 km goal unless I get a bunch more road rides in on the weekends between now and New Year’s Eve.

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Those are some impressive numbers.