The post ride beers last night included some talk of Moab. If anyone is interested, here’s a link to the Moab tour that locals Tom Kavanagh and Geoff Murray operate out of Halifax every year.


Neat, would love to go to Moab some year! Possibly not this year, though. This year I’m heading to Guatemala.

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moab is high on my bucket list.

also, has anyone see this crazy video of possibly the steepest line in moab? high pucker factor. language warning, if you’re in public or around kids.

A video posted by Nate Hills (@natehills1) on Dec 31, 2016 at 5:05pm PST


Heading there in April for the first time. Cannot wait!


If a good number of ecmtb crew and friends would go for this year or next i am very certain that i would go for it too.

As of now just watching gnarliest rider POV’s at the same time forecasting over finances, looks like il have to wait until spring time to make a conclusion if i can go this year or save up for next year :grimacing:.

master Dee @Rolls let’s do this.

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What’s the cost of the trip. I thought I heard a rough number before but I don’t see anything on the site. I recall it being a fair bit, but I thought that included flights, lodging and bike rental so it makes sense.

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I dunno what Tom and Geoff charge @Jetter, but our trip should run about $1,500-1,800/person including flights, trucks, accommodations, food and booze for six of us. That’s for 9 days total, ~7 days of riding. We’re taking our own bikes.


That’s a fair bit cheaper than Tom and Geoff’s trip. All in, including bike rentals, I’ve heard theirs is closer to $2,500 for 7 days and 5 days riding.

From what I understand, bike rentals can run up to $50/day or more, so that’s not that surprising.

Do they use guides?

Tom and Geoff have been there multiple times…they are the guides.

Sometimes it is useful for someone to be there to drive the trucks home. :wink:

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I thought you meant on the trails. They hire shuttle drivers to/from the trails.

so t and g’s excellent adventures cover, airfare, van rentals for the week which you are then driven to moab in including gas, condo fees for the week with excess too the pool and a hot tub. all shuttle cost, should be three shuttle trips usually. cooked suppers three or four nights. first and last nights are out on the town. as well as hotel in Denver before flying home on the last day. your expense’s are any other food and drink and bike rental or flight charge to bring your own bike. it cost near the same to rent and it is a whole lot easier to travel plus there is no wear and tear on your own gear. expect to go thru a set of tires and if you don’t have thick sidewalls your in trouble plus perhaps a set of brake pads. rides organized each day to maximize your experience, and hit all the best stuff. years of knowledge avoids wasting riding time while taking you too local hidden jem’s like miltz deadhorse gemini bridges and the cowboy Jacuzzi.


Moab is an awesome trip. Especially with Tom and Geoff. I went in 2015 and plan to go again in 2017. Everything is handled for you. All you have to do is show up and hop on the aircraft and you have a week of riding while staying out of a great condo with a full kitchen, hot tub, pool, laundry, and garage. Some of the most amazing trails you have ever been on!


Hey folks, It’s tommyboy making his season’s debut…
For starters, Hey Jeff what’s up? Long time no speak.
So you are going to Moab. Have a blast. Some of the best riding on the planet. Every day you will have a smile on your face. Who ya going with? Are ya flying into Denver, Vegas or Salt Lake? Make sure you ride Hymasa up and Capt. Ahab down. You will understand when you are done.
I have been lucky enough to go to Moab 7 times. Spring and Fall. We have gone twice mid May. Each of those trips we lost a day of riding due to snow, hail, rain and thunder and lightning. It is good you are doing the extra days cause it being April ya may just lose a day. Could be sunny and warm every day too. Our trips in May were $1500 and $1700. All in other than bike rental, dinners out and booze. I would not hesitate to go when you are going. The riding will be awesome. April is off season there. So good deals on housing, flights and vans.
When we go in September it is prime season. Everything is a little more. Mostly because you get to ride everything. When you go in the spring you miss out on the Whole Enchilada. Possibly Mag 7 and Dead Horse state park will be open. Even if it is closed for riding go check out the views at Dead Horse. Unbelievable. You should be able to do the Porcupine Rim trail but Hazzard and Burro will be closed due to snow. We have gone at the end of Sept. and lost Hazzard and Burro to snow. That’s the main reason we go early to mid Sept. You get to ride everything. We bring a chef as well who cooks some lunches and most suppers. We get deals for everyone on rentals because of the size of our group. We have established a relationship with business owners in Moab. Some of them even come to our annual big feast. This Sept. it will be $2300. for us with hopes that “The Donald” doesn’t completely screw the economy!!!
That’s all folks
Have fun Mr. White


Thanks Tom, as you know I am very interested. Am working on the logistics to join the fun in September.

Thanks for posting @tommyboy!

Now that your account is sorted out, don’t be a stranger. It’s good to hear from you aside from the occasional trail sightings and blurry photos, lol.

And another thing… Watch out on your first day of riding. Altitude sickness is a real thing. We have had a couple of issues in the past with it. People puking. Our first day is usually the Brand trails at lower altitude or Dead Horse cause it is relatively flat even though it is at 7000’ feet.
For anyone interested in our Sept. 9th to 16th trip let me know. Our trip summary is here:

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Oh and Hydrate. Cannot emphasize that enough!!!

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