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A project just launched to market the entire region as one large MTB tourism destination. The initiative is fully funded by ACOA and is spearheaded by a non profit group based in New Brunswick. ECMTB has been invited to sit on the advisory panel along with reps from various MTB clubs, trail groups, bike shops, tour operators, etc. from across the region.

The ultimate goal is to boost MTB focused tourism, which can then be a driver for more and better trails, facilities, and services that cater to MTBers. And of course this all benefits not just tourists, but locals too.

We think this is a great opportunity to help shape the direction this project takes, and use this forum to facilitate the discussion around MTB tourism.

Whattaya think?


Awesome news!

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It became quickly apparent that Halifax has a ways to come to catch up with other regions when it comes to legit trails.

Hopefully, this will kick us into action on the Halifax front as well.

MRWA is great but has potential to become a “must ride” destination.

We need more legit options around the city as well.


This is epic. Truro is certainly setting setting up well for this although I’m of the opinion climb/descend or point to point trails with big scenery are more attractive to outsiders. Certainly McFight has a cool vibe that would be attractive to tourist. The number of trail users must be going up, and hopefully many people see the benefit of “No dig no ride” for themselves and to keep trails well groomed for tourism!

Vic park / Rail yard has something for the whole family.

It’s my prime reason to hit there for sure.


@Rolls @JeffV did you go to the roundtable in Keppoch?

Yes, we did.

It was interesting for sure and great to meet some new faces in the MTB scene that we had not met before.

We look forward to see what this becomes. It should lead to positive things for MTB here, I think.

We (ECMTB) are already big advocates of MTB in Atlantic Canada so it is just more of same for us.

If it leads to opportunities to get out and ride different areas in Atlantic Canada and meet up with fellow riders it is win, win.

More rides, more trails, more fun!


We were hoping to see you and trailflow there, but I guess y’all are diggity dig these days.


Forgot to mention above, the advisory panel also includes reps from IMBA Canada, Parks Canada and the provincial parks. Great to see those key groups buying into this project as well.


I couldnt make both commitments work…:expressionless:


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This is from our lunch break. Check out the end, Greg Dion from Sugarloaf brought their accessibility rig:

Pretty damn cool.


(Our riding is not very exciting, I know.)


Moved the DH discussion to it’s own thread…


Does this advisory panel have a name? Is there a complete list available of people/groups who are on this panel?

No name yet.

Not sure exactly and don’t want to get the answer wrong but we will for sure post it once we see it.

Friends Of Fundy association are carrying the group for next 18 months as they form their own association.

There is representation from all three provinces. NL is holding off as they feel they are not ready yet. (although many feel they are)

You’ve heard this before, lol… early days.

We were just recently invited to the party and don’t want to speak out of turn. You know once we have solid stuff we’ll bring it here.

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I had planned on attending but a rare warm and sunny day meant a fleet of compactors went to the trail. Can’t miss packing days when rain events are more or less every second day this year.


The tourism campaign does need a name to build a brand around. It should be short, easy to spell, easy to remember, and unique/ownable, such as “Ride Atlantic”.

If anyone has any suggestions, fire away or send me a DM, and we’ll look at bringing it forward to the panel.

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Something that might help tourists is to promote mountain bike guides that could take tourists around the trails and keep them from getting lost. Of course there are many ecmtb’ers who would be happy to show people around, but having a professional guide on call might be an asset to a nervous tourist, or one who just wants to get around the trails with confidence.

The only local guide that I’m currently aware of is Ride East ( @chucsutt ).


Jagz app could be used here. Never really looked into it only heard of it

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