MTB Bell recommendations

Hey Gang,
with local trails and paths busier than ever, I’m looking for recommendations for a new bike bell, preferring to buy local if possible.
Traditionally I use one of these Mirrycle Incredibell Brass Duet -
however I find they break after 1-2 seasons, either the trigger stops returning or the mount breaks.
I might just order a Timberbell
but am not aware of any local shops that carry them.
My ideal bell would be lightweight, low profile, and not rattle around on rough trails (unless I want it to-like a timber bell)

:rofl: :metal:


Knog bells are pretty slick. Pricey tho.


yeah I wondered about the Knog, not sure if the dinger mech would rattle around on trails?

I’ve had a couple of Oi bells, and honestly they look cool, but perform like crap. The hammer spring fails constantly and the bell is just too quiet.

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This is the way.

This one has lasted several bikes/years. Loud. Doesn’t rattle. Simple install.

I do not understand why a vocal warning is not enough? I can whistle and ding like a bell.

Ding-a-dang-dong, mutha fucka! Here I come! Toot toot!


Old people are deaf around these parts.

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You need this

I have a TimberBell and it’s only alright. If conditions are at all smooth you end up having to waggle your bars back and forth to get a ring out of it, and if things are rough it never shuts up. Good for if you’re smashing DH laps or something but not as an every day bell. Haven’t had any issues with either of my Brass Duets yet, but they aren’t the most robust piece of gear that’s for sure.

+1 for the SpurCycle bell. I’ll likely looking at one of those next.

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Owned two for the commuter (so frequent salty, shitty, rainy conditions). Both failed in under a year. The big one lasted a bit longer and is a little louder, but I’d look elsewhere.

Those spur cycles do look sweet, I’m a bit hesitant on the price, although if they last multiple seasons then worth it I guess.
Do they rattle on the trail?

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I dislike there Timberbell. It sounds angry when the lock is off as opposed to a nice controlled ring ring people are used to. I’d rather a button activated noise like traditional bike bells. I like my Oi bells. Look cool. Sounds fine.

I have a knog on my track bike and it’s kind of annoying because it rings on its own—very quietly—over big bumps.

When you hit it intentionally I find it louder than my mtb bell though, which is a Filzer dingding.