MTB podcast - The Mountain Bike Connection

Hey guys and girls, we recently launched a podcast about all things MTB in Atlantic Canada. The sound in the first episode is a bit crappy due to a knackered mic, but we upgraded our gear and are about to record our second episode so if you can get through that first one, it only gets better LOL.

Find us on Apple, Google, Alexa, iheartRadio, Amazon Music or directly on the PodBean app.
Give us a listen, a like or a follow, and we hope to keep you entertained with guest hosts and some crazy regulars (Becci and Lori).

Drop us a comment on IG: @dazlad_mtb
If you’re headed up a MTB project in any of the Atlantic provinces, let us know!


Is it possible to post a link here somewhere? in some place of ECMTB world? make it easy to find for people like me.
I very much am computer illiterate and only know Apple - (that’s what i get email and text on) Google - (look up things I shouldn’t) and Amazon - (look to see what interests my wife, great for gift buying)


Stuck a link in there for ya, @DarrenT and @sheldonmcq.


Thanks Jeff!!!

I would never have found it lol :rofl:

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Or if you want to access it from your iPhone’s podcast app…

Thank you Jeff!

The podcast is now live on most major podcast platforms: Apple, Google, Alexa, Amazon music, PlayerFM - just search for “The Mountain Bike Connection”

For those on Android:

The Mountain Bike Connection


Episode 2 will drop on Saturday 27th Feb.
In this episode we are joined by Sam Bosence of MTB Atlantic.


Should be a good one!


I could only handle about 50 seconds of snickers and laughs and looking at the description it’s about women pissing like men. Is there a tldr?

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This is not a podcast for end to end reviews of new gear and high end bikes, frankly there’s already enough of that out there. We’re just shooting the shit and building a platform to promote mountain biking on the east coast. In fact, it’s not just limited to MTB. While this is the main focus for the show we are very much outdoors people and like to discuss camping and hiking too. We are also happy to listen to constructive criticism from our target audience, so if there’s something you think would improve the quality and content of the podcast, please do let us know.
Our next episode has a feature with MTB Atlantic, and we talk some about trail snacks, absoluteBlack products, and Becaguimec trails.
I will give you a heads up; if snickering and laughing isn’t to your taste, you probably won’t like the show at all. We’re having fun while making it, and that’s just part of it I’m afraid.


Cool dude. Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t mean to come off as a jerk but I probably did and apologize. I’m just more of a cbc guy than a q104 morning crew kind of guy, which is what it came across as. Have fun!


Nah not at all bud, your comment really highlighted perhaps what I’m missing from the podcast description as a whole, and maybe some points for improvement on the episode descriptors. We are open to all feedback, not just the warm and fuzzy stuff. Improvement comes from outside the comfort zone.
The women really are are gigglers though, and it amazes me how they sit and call us grown ass men “big kids”, when really they’re worse than us :smile:
Honestly though, kudos to anyone who stuck through the terrible sound on the first episode, it does get better, I promise. That was a huge learning curve.


We should be live on Spotify within 24 hrs!!

The Mountain Bike Connection podcast on Spotify

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Episode 2 is up now!
I even went back through and fixed the audio on episode 1, so now it’s not quite as crappy.
Happy to say the sound is much better with the new equipment.

Enjoy, and drop your feedback in the comments!




@DarrenT is it still available on Apple? I only see episode 1.

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I just downloaded on apple, should be there

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Got it, it’s there now.

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This is super cool, didn’t know about the Becaguimec Trails, it’ll be something to look forward to checking out when I go home next!

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I think Apple is the slowest one to update their RSS feeds…

They are. You can kickstart it by going to, login and click Refresh Feed. It’ll usually update pretty quickly after that. I have to do that with my podcast frequently.