My next bike...giant stance 2?

Hey guys, i’m wondering what you guys think about the spec and price of the 2020 giant stance 2, I think this might be the bike I get because the spec seems really good for the price, $2000 but I don’t know how the suspension will hold up. Do you guys think this would handle keppoch and jumps and drops? i’ll attach a pic of the spec and of the bike

I would caution against a stance. It is not a true mystro suspension like the other giant trances.

They depend on aluminum flexing at the seat stay which I would be concerned with rugged use like jumps etc…

A second hand trance maybe a good alternative.

If you are really hoping for shiny new ride… check out black Friday sales or the Cyclesmith big tent sale in the spring.


There is no definitive answer really. It depends on your expectations. Sure it might take the uses you describe but for how long? It’s hard to say, it depends on how smooth you are, the less smooth you are (not casing jumps and harsh landing on drops) the longer it will last. This is really a very entry level cross country/trail dual suspension bike not aggressive trail riding bike.

I have zero experience with Suntour rear shocks so there is a question mark there, the fork seems reasonable enough but again don’t see many of them around. These are lower end components and as such will tend to get overwhelmed with serious aggressive riding.

The components are fine and relatively inexpensive to replace when you break them. The one thing that sticks out is the brakes. MT200 should be on a rail trail hybrid not a bike intended to be run downhill. These will be overwhelmed at Keppoch and will die quickly if you’re spending lots of time downhill riding.

One last thing (which you can consider a personal bias). I would never buy a bike with a press fit BB. I see too many problems, creaking, premature wear and sometimes very hard to find/get replacement parts.


That’s what a was thinking for the suspension handling, I’ll probably not go with one then

i’ve also been looking at the 2020 rocky mountain ThunderBolt alloy 10 but it’s a lot of extra money

Ok thanks that really helps, never thought about the press fit and don’t know much about brakes so i’ll probably look for other options, Seems like every bike i can find for around that price point (even rky mtn thunderbolt 10) has mt200 brakes and a press fit bb so it might be something i can’t get around

Not the answer you’re looking for but if you want a solid full suspension steed to handle keppoch in the $2000 range I would check pinkbike buy and sell, most people will ship within country on there so it doesn’t necessarily need to be a local sale either. Could get a real solid all mountain/enduro bike in that price range. Personally (I weigh a bit over 200lbs mind you), I don’t think I would take anything in that price range brand new down keppoch with any great amount of confidence past the first run or two. You definitely want some sincere stopping power, and at least 150mm travel in the front from a solid and reputable fork. Rear suspension is honestly optional for keppoch, depends on how good your leg suspension is. I’ve slammed down every trail on that hill with a 2006 Norco Manik hardtail a stupid amount of times and never felt outgunned. I’ve also ran a full DH Norco Atomik down it even more times than the hardtail, but truth be told I can’t wait to take my new hardtail to keppoch!

Long story short, in that price range I’d go second hand full suspension or a new aggressive hardtail


Thanks, I didn’t really mean keppoch a lot, like maybe once a year, but If i find a nice hardtail for the price then i might consider that too if I can’t find a good full squish

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Sorry I got excited about keppoch and overused that example :joy:

I’d probably still give the same advice on your next bike with general aggressive trail riding and casual jumps and drops in mind

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For an extra $380 you can get a Trance from Mike’s bike shop in Dieppe.


Almost all the common companies have gone to press fit BB but not all. Some only do threaded for certain models. I’m not totally up to speed on every single brand for every year. It’s not the end of the world mind you. I’m an old bike mechanic with certain “sensibilities” one of those is I only ride bikes with threaded BB. I replace more press fit BB that are 2 years old or less than I do threaded external cup ones.

I’m assuming you’re budgeting around $2000 for a new dual suspension bike. For a serious dedicated rider this is the entry level ($1500-2000). You may find that your demands and expectations for performance/durability can not be met at that level.

At the same time if that is what you can afford I say get the best you can and ride the hell out of it!

You can pick up some great deals used for sure but be aware that drivetrains can be worn out, suspension has never been serviced, pivot bearings or bushings in need of replacement, brake pads and rotors can be worn ect. These things can add up fast and a sweet deal turns out to be not so sweet. I have seen this many, many times.


Thanks, that’s why i’m scared about buying used especially on pink bike if getting it shipped

couldn’t find that online but i’ll try looking a little deeper, thanks

Some good advice here. Keep an eye on here and Kijiji, good deals on real nice full suspension bikes pop up from time to time so if you’re not in a rush, just wait for the right one to come along that you can check out in person and have someone that knows what they’re looking at with you or make a list of things to check. like @bent6543 said, you don’t want something you have to sink money into to get up to snuff, you want something that’s been maintained or not ridden hard.


If you’re on the Facebook this is a decent place to look for used:

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That’s what I plan on doing unless I find a hardtail I really like, i’m also in no rush, still got a good bit of money to save up😂

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Both in size small. A deal only if it fits.

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Some great advice for sure.

I switched my PF BB to a Wheels manufacturing version that although is PF, but it is also threaded in the middle so it can be tightened. Very cool upgrade. I did so when my oem BB needed replacing.

The Stance is a good entry level full suspension bike, but I agree that the trance suspension is superior, especially considering your experience and your riding.

Try a bunch of bikes for fit. If it doesn’t fit, it’s not the right bike. Although budget is a factor, it shouldn’t necessarily be the deciding factor. It’s worth saving a little longer to get the right bike.


Honestly I will say that a trail level 29 with mid travel is the best all rounder. Keep an eye out for the new optic (shhhhh), or Django. 140 125. Made to do everything.

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