New Bike Time you say?

There are a lot of choices for next season’s new ride. New wheel sizes especially. Is a fat bike in your future or a 27.5+ or 29+ bike? I’m thinking a new full suspension 29er would be nice for myself, but I still have to work out the finances.

What is everyone else looking at and why?

a 29+ would be nice for bikepacking; a krampus or ecr from surly, maybe the deadwood from salsa, not sold on the drop bars for most the riding i end up doing, though. other than that, a dual squish 29er may be in my future. probably not next year, but it’s in my 5 year plan.

I’m in the market for a new DH / FR bike or a new trail / enduro bike. Depending on what one sells first.

Surly Ogre.

Fat bikes do nothing for me, 29er+ is intriguing but fringy. I just want something super simple, reliable and versatile.

Love looking at new bikes, definitely lusting after a couple things but can’t justify buying a new bike when I haven’t pushed the limits of my 5 year old Kona… I freaking love that bike and it does everything I ask of it up to the limits of my skill so a new bike simply doesn’t make sense for me… especially with two kids and limited funds available! LOL

The pricing on new bikes is bananas.


Let me hear you say this shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

I look at new bikes lots, and there are a few that would be awesome to own but I’ll be keeping what I have running now as long as possible and as cheap as possible,

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I think this is close to what I would want in a new bike:

It’s not that fancy in the component department but looks like some solid parts. It’s got the travel and geometry I want, I don’t feel the need for big travel, I prefer having to choose lines. Probably why I ride a rigid bike most of the time, my full sus bike is shorter travel than this and I’ve never wished I had more. I’d prefer a threaded BB and I’m skeptical of the “zero pivot seat stays” in terms of longevity. I like my 26" wheels but 27.5 seems like the replacement du jour. 29" doesn’t interest me. Well enough day dreaming.

Actually I think this is as close as it gets to perfect for me right now, built in Canada too:

Isn’t Xprezo the old Balfa guys? Man, I still miss my Minuteman.

I ride as much as possible in the winter, but I hate taking the Yeti on the salty roads or riding on them occasionally–just kills components. I’d love to just build up my old Torrent if I could find a fork for her, and my studs on it.

@brightwhite What do you need for a fork for your Torrent?

@gtrguy It had a Sherman Firefly on it, but that’s long since blown and you can’t get seals any more from what I’ve seen. So a 4-5" travel, 1 1/8" steerer, 20mm axle fork of some description.

Ah, have a few things kicking around but the only 20mm axe fork I have has a 1.5" straight steerer.

Thanks–part of me wants to pick up a new HT frame, fork and a few extras and create a new fun bike for dirt jumps, riding with the kids and all that. The Torrent is dented and old and I’m lusting over a Chromag.

The Chromag frames look sweet… I put a Fox on my old Kona hardtail, upgraded the brakes, cranks, etc, etc. and it’s a blast to ride. Usually take it for any rides with my son or anything that’s long distance and not too gnarly like the Tour de New France last weekend.

[quote=“brightwhite, post:13, topic:3355, full:true”] So a 4-5" travel, 1 1/8" steerer, 20mm axle fork of some description.

I was in the same boat as you a while back @brightwhite, like hens teeth now. They are out there, but are usually rough shape or people want way too much for them.

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Just picked up a new Chromag frame this week. It should be here Friday
It’ll be my first steel bike, so I’m interested to see how it rides vs an aluminum hardtail.

nice, Chromag bikes look awesome…in my opinion steel is the best material for hardtails but I’m old and probably biased having never ridden an aluminum hardtail.

Sweet, @JoshM–which one did you get?

I’ve owned several Easton aluminum hardtails (Brodie Holeshot and Norco Torrent), and a number of 4130 cromo HTs. The steel weighted more, but had a nicer, more damped feel. But the Easton bikes were nice too. More ‘poppy’ but definitely a rougher ride. Shaped stays definitely help here.