New to this site

Hey there . . . I was a member of Pedaltrout for a while and was having trouble signing in so I set up a new profile.

I’m in NL and I love fatbiking. Got bitten late 2013. I also ride a Kona Dawg full squish when in the mood. I sometimes hit the pavement on my Specialized Sirrus Sport. But if I had to pick a bike it would be my 2014 Norco Bigfoot.

When I’m allowed . . . I’ll post pictures and vids. Cheers.

Hey awesome someone not in Nova Scotia!

If you get some time an want to add to the trails section, there are currntly none listed for Nfld:

and maybe check out the Vendors section to make sure we didn’t miss any shops:

What was your user name? Did you change emails?

I’ll bump your level so you can upload.

Zuki I’m guessing?

My guess too.

Yep, its the old Zuki . . . or the new Fatbike Republic. :smile:

I’ll add some trails and will check out the vendor section. Once I get permission I will start posting some videos again.

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Welcome back Zuki!


I’m hoping to get over to NL maybe this year, still on the books to happen.

If you get over with your bike (who doesn’t travel with their bike) shoot me a PM and I’ll make sure you get to see some of our local trails.