Nova Scotia Bike Park Info (Dirt Jumps/BMX/4-Cross/Mountain Bike Skills)


Fall River sure has changed from when I used to ride it. The middle line used to be the big hit(s), the right line was moderate size table tops. The left or return line was always quite small, and not a whole lot more than rollers.


I live near the Queens bike park and drop by to mess around once in awhile. They do have some features built up including some kickers, tabletops, and drops. It’s definitely is unfinished but usable at this point. There’s short little dirt trail built up. I don’t have any pictures but right now but maybe I can drop by this weekend and report back.


I found another park not on your list, just over the border in Dieppe, NB. I saw some short trails on trailforks, and they were across the road from where I was staying. Turns out there was about 5km of single track (not terribly difficult, but fun nonetheless), a small pump track, and a big BMX park. I don’t know much about jump tracks, but it looked fun, and well maintained. There used to be a big velodrome, too, but that’s gone now.

All of this is around a municipal park with a big playground and splash pad for the kiddos.


Suuuuuuuuuuper interested in this bmx track! Is it one of the big racing tracks with the jumps and big doubles and everything? Dirt or asphalt? Must gooogle this placeee now :smiley:

Edit : i see the pics now, werent showing for me earlier. Looks sweet


That looks big! We’ve also ridden (a few years ago now) a jump park at Centennial Park in Moncton, over by the Coliseum. @CyclingGirl and I also found a jump park in Sackville, NB. Rockwood Park in Saint John also has a skills park by the barn, and a pump track by the old ski hill. We should start a list for New Brunswick. If PEI has anything, we could list that too.


Also there’s the track at Fundy that @glenfidich worked on, which looks amazing.

And in PEI there’s a new track at Brookvale.

**Photo credits: stolen from google


:heart_eyes: Holy smokes! Well Fundy is definitely happening in August then!

The bmx track pictured above in Dieppe is Rotary Park


defnitely going to them soon.


My vacation: Brookvale then Fundy,… check, check!

The kids will love that stuff.


Was at fundy last yr when a lot of new stuff was being built, cant wait to get back. And wow that bmx track in dieppe looks fun



Dude that’s awesome! I didn’t see you turn the cranks once :fire::fire:


Just saw this on instagram. Pump track on Charles Rd. Timberlea was just refurbished by @nimzie


I didn’t know there were so many pump tracks around, cool. Will have to check it out soon.


Great news! Thanks @nimzie!

Might have to do a Tour de Park visit there Monday night.

Should anyone want to go there, this park is a bit hard to find. You can’t see it from the road. Go here:
Then go into the park to the right past the basket ball court. As I recall, there were a few trails in the woods by the park, but they don’t go very far and get very rooty.


On Shoreline Dirtwork’s instagram page, they also said they did some work at the Three Brooks Bike Park:

This is one I’m not aware of. I’ll have to add it to the list. It’s in Hubley here:


We are working through most of them in the next couple weeks.
Today we started williamswood and will finish it this weekend. It was hurting hard.
They all are or were…


there are quite a few and our Focus this year is to get them all running really nicely. The inside line on Charles road is really fun. A couple of challenging turns and that’s the way we like it


Great news.

I think @gtrguy and son will appreciate the Williamswood update.

The Charles Road track is near me too. So that should be fun.


The Williamswood park requires some rain in order to do final work. Thankfully there’s some of that coming this week and we can hopefully get back in there. Getting at a long overdue project this week and will report back on its progress…