Nova Scotia Bike Park Info (Dirt Jumps/BMX/4-Cross/Mountain Bike Skills)


Here’s Charles Rd. Rode it tonight and was very fun. Thanks @nimzie


Any one aware of any parks in Cape breton seems there isn’t a thing here. Hoping someone knows something I don’t.


stopped in at the Willliamswood park last night. looking good, needs some packing down i think


I have someone that lives out there and says all they really have is a bunch of ATV trails.


Not aware of any BMX-style parks in Cape Breton. For a moment, got excited because Google found a bike park at Open Hearth Park in Sydney, but it turns out to be a flat, mock-road style track. There is a skatepark in Coxheath, and
Trailforks does list some mountain bike trails. Could try Highland Bike Shop in Port Hawkesbury, or Framework bike shop in Sydney.


Ok fellas. I have started taking matters into my own hands here in Cape breton. If anyone in here is from the island. I have started making dirt jumps at the west mount family park… there is a perfect area for it… Nice gradual downhill and long uncut grass for about a km.
Would love to see some others out helping with the build. I will be there building infill the snow falls or the police tell me I can’t lol


Check in with Bill at Framework. A few years ago he had a big push on to raise money for a BMX park. He might have some funding and/or some volunteer labour you could tap into.



Good stuff. I will for sure. I don’t ride bmx. But hard tail and downhill. Either way any type of facility for two wheels would be amazing. They wonder why the island is filled with pills and scum… cause there isn’t a thing to do here except collect poggie and shoot up


That seems a bit harsh and oversimplified. There’s no shortage of skate parks, arenas, walking trails, ball fields, etc. Perhaps you should lobby your councillor or MLA to divert some of that funding to other forms of recreation.


I don’t know man. The islands in rough shape. You must not be from here


I grew up in Sydney, and revisit often.


This ain’t the island you grew up on anymore. That’s for sure


I’m not saying there aren’t issues, obviously there are, just that it’s not from a lack of rec facilities.


No certainly not. But implementing more and different facilities would go a long way to encouraging the youth to pick up a bike and go for a rip at the bike park or jumps. There isn’t a thing to do for kids in Sydney and if ya try and go any where near a skate park with your bike you have skaters chasing ya out in five minutes. Threatening you and abusing you.


Nice to hear you’re building. Post photos of your work as your jumps develop. I suggest try lobbying your municipal government to set up a park, too. They can take a long time to get going, and a lot of perseverance, but sanctioned trails have more potential to last longer. If a landowner decides they don’t want a trail or features on their property, a lot of hard work will go under a bulldozer or excavator.


According to instagram @nimzie has refurbished the parks in Beaverbank and Eastern Passage. Next up is Glenbourne.


Can’t wait to see how glenbourne shapes up.


Mostly pump track work …


The smaller and mid height jump line were in good shape as of Saturday, though I didnt attempt the tallest set so I cant speak to those. The pump track wasnt in too bad of shape, but could use some love I suppose. The hill launch / approach to the jumps had a lot of loose / exposed little rocks, looking a bit eroded if you have a little spare dirt for smoothing the approach? Still rideable, but if you’re in there next I thought it may be worth mentioning?