Post your trail dog!

Thought it might be fun to see some trail dogs. Also where do you guys like to go with yours? Here’s my trail buddy, we like to hit up whopper and gore mid-week when there’s less crowds. Poppy likes to eat blueberries right off the bush and she can rail a berm like nobody’s business.


This is a thread I’m here for!

Asil (brown pointer, 10 yrs), Eddie (greyhoud/husky/pointer mix 5 yrs, Pippy (SPCA special 8 yrs) are our trail dogs. These guys ride & trail run with me just about everywhere we go. The pointers were bred for sprint sled dog racing and I race canicross & bikejoring with them so they’re fast AF and have the capacity to go forever.

Blueberries from the bush is popular with this crew too - unfortunately Asil is dumb as a post so she’s gotten lost more than once because she couldn’t bring herself to lift her head from the trail snacks long enough to see which way we were going. Lakeside & McRun are our favourite spots as a crew but we do a lot of actual race training at Slochum.


Dandy idea!

This was my guy Mocha. As much as I’d like to post a trail pic of him (he did the whole race loop at wentworth with Enid and I, amongst so many rides at wrandees/long lake) I think this pic best captures his overall mood/style. rip mochies.



Yes! I take soo many pics of my dog when we go biking and now I finally have somewhere to put one!!! This is Mika, she’s 7 and comes with me when I go to mac. run. She likes swamps and sticks and sometimes forgets what I look like/ is unfaithful and tries to adopt different bikers or hikers to follow (the bell and more treats have mostly cured that though)


I’ve posted a few trail pics of Daisy lately so here’s one of her at home!

She’s by far the strangest dog we’ve ever had…


This is my favourite thread of all time. There’s not a day I don’t miss this tireless and faithful companion.

Willow biked until she was 11 and left me 7 weeks before her 15th birthday. She would lose her mind, even if we just pulled up to a bike shop. This is how she felt about biking, everyday!


This me made me happy and sad at the sametime lol
Always right on my heels ripping through spiderlake.
Gone waaay too early. Miss ya puppers
Have an aussie pup coming this winter and cant wait!


I remember Mocha! Handsome fella.

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More of a winter riding buddy the last few years, Rusty just doesn’t have the stamina for summer riding anymore, unless it’s a slow ride to a lake.


Chloe was amazing. Little dog with a big heart. She was Mom’s dog and when she moved in with me I tried her out trail riding. I was wondering if we were going to kill her, but she took to it, did great and enjoyed it. Riding with a bear bell still reminds me of her jingling along behind us.


My goodness, we are all going to end up a blubbering mess! That was your intention, right @Drgonzo?
Loving every minute of it, still.


Best feed here hands down lol. Dogs and bikes on trails = happiness. Now I need to get one :smile:


You do! Though you can come borrow mine any time too :wink:


Dukas is our trail building trail dog. He enjoys hunting squirrels and birds and supervising the job sites (and by that we mean sleeping on trail). Duke is a typical husky with selective hearing and therefore is only suited for bike-joring adventures.


Here’s Wally enjoying the bike wash at Brookvale after a ride:

Being a little too cozy with a buddy:

Wally’s working assumption is that everyone loves him. Which is awkward since a 75lb dog running up to say hi can freak people out.


Scout. Retired riding partner but loves trail maintenance walks.



Best thread going! Here’s my adventure buddy, Jax. We just started riding this year but as soon as the bikes come out of the garage he goes NUTS. He’s always either hot on my tail or I’m trying to chase him down. He loves the downhill sections, his times are wayyy faster than mine


Many of you will recognize Sassafras from my profile picture, rocking the trails in her Buddy Rider.

After some consideration, I have decided to post her Rags to Riches story, because I think it’s an important one.

Please forgive me for the shameless plug that follows.

I have chosen not to upload the graphic content that is her ‘before’ photos. I’m sure you have all seen pictures of dogs whose hair is so overgrown and matted that they look like a very sad and filthy floor mop. That was her.

The Nova Scotia SPCA seized Sassy and about 30 other small dogs from a puppy mill.

Many people don’t realize that, in our province, it is a non-profit organization (NS SPCA) that is tasked with fighting cruelty and neglect under our domestic animal welfare laws, and that the majority of their funds are charitable donations, not tax dollars.

It took a community to save Sassy, from the people who reported the cruelty (there is a hotline), to the staff and volunteers who cared for her and went to court, to the donors who support the work.

On this day of Thanksgiving, and every day, for these people, I am profoundly thankful. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your furry best friends.


^ ^ Nothing wrong with plugging the good work that the SPCA does!