Rocky Mountain Altitude vs Slayer

Hi all
I’m looking to purchase a new bike for the first time in 10+ years.
Coming from an old Norco Wolverine, but looking to go full suspension.

I’m torn between the RM Altitude 30 vs the Slayer 30.
In my mind I wanna be able to rip up bike parks, but realistically I will be doing more trail riding.
Looking to get an outside opinion.
Will be riding mostly in HRM with occasional day trips wherever!
thanks in advance

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Altitude 100% unless you’re only riding bike parks.

I know plenty of high-level bikers that have raced in Enduro’s all over the world on an Altitude. Pedal to the mountain peak and bomb down. I also know guys sending road gaps on Altitudes.

The slayer is a nice bike but it one dimensional IMO.


I would go with Altitude or even an Instinct. They are all super capable now.

I have a 2016 Altitude and love it but run it in steep mode so next one maybe an Instinct considering they get slacker every year, it seems.


Agreed, Altitude or the Instinct would be more then enough bike for around here.
I have a 2019 RM Instinct BC Edition, and it’s been perfect for what I do around the HRM. I’ve also taken it to the bike parks (Sugar Loaf, Keppoch, Wentworth, Poley), and the enduro setup eats up everything.


Altitude. Ive got a 2021 and its handled everything I’ve thrown at it fine. Big Jumps, big drops , rough and rowdy. Hell i did a 100km gravel ride on it last summer.

I almost bought a slayer but i do quite a bit of trail riding as well as jumps and stuff so theres lots of pedaling involved. If you were to only be riding bike parks with lift and shuttle access id go with a slayer but if you want to pedal and ride places like mcintosh run and victoria park your going to want the altitude.

I love my altitude. You can come test drive mine if you’d like. Its a large.


I have a 21 slayer

Slayer is as good as it gets, all the travel you need and it will climb anywhere with ease. + coil is the way to go…

Kill the railyard one day, and send everything at keppoch the next.

Saying the slayer is a shuttle only or park bike is the most false thing I’ve heard. Maybe read the spec’s before saying that… the “park” edition would be for "parks’…lol.

Rear cassette / front chain ring is the exact same as altitude so the only difference really is 1/2 a degree on the headtube angle(still adjustable) and a 5mm extra bar rise with the slayer.

203mm brakes all around is also nice. If coin doesn’t matter, slayer is 100% the better bike in my opinion.

Mac is the main place I ride and it works great, its not even close to a full DH bike.


Slayer at 180mm/170mm is a lot of bike to pedal around, but so is the Altitude at 170mm/160mm. If you think the Slayer climbs well, then you haven’t ridden a 150mm/140mm trail bike with properly setup suspension.

If you’re mostly doing trail riding, with the occasional trip to Keppoch, an Instinct is a great all-around bike. It would be a jump in price from the bikes you mentioned, but the Instinct Alloy 50 has a great spec and well worth the price difference between the Alloy 30 in the long run.


I’d disagree, Have you ever ridden one ? It climbs well, Just not AS GOOD as a perfectly set up 150/140. and it never will. But it has lots of range and a great granny gear… Also there are no limitations going down / sending anything with a slayer.

All depends how far your looking to send it…
27.5 slayer is 180/180mm btw for 21…

Your going to run out of travel pretty quick with a 150/140… and Keppoch will be no fun.

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Appreciate everyone’s input!!!
Thanks everyone.

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Mine would also be available for a test ride… Just DM if your interested.

21 M 27.5 Slayer.

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How did I ever have so much fun at Keppoch on 140/125? I’ve hit every trail on the hill and had a blast.

I’ve also had a blast on 200/200. Fun is what you make it, not how much travel you have.


I’m not really sure, Maybe you know the right lines.

Travel just allows more fun

Bottoming out is never good… :slight_smile:

Well, if the suspension is set up properly for what/how you are riding, bottoming out harshly shouldn’t be a problem on a short travel bike. I’m not saying there aren’t benefits to more travel, because there certainly are – just as there are downsides.


100% agree. suspension is tough to dial in…

I feel like the downside has gotten substantially less as tech has evolved…

Very true! And that same evolution of tech has made shorter travel more capable. It’s really starting to come down to personal preference as all bikes are becoming so good!


You nailed it !

I ride my 180 rear, 170mm front Specialized Enduro all over the place and don’t feel hindered by it and can totally justify the extra travel for allot of riding I do on it. So yeah… Im in the camp in support of bigger bikes being today fine for local riding.

That being said… I also have a hardtail that I take out for longer distance rides and trails without big lines.

If I had to have just one bike, I would have gone with a bit smaller fully say around 150 - 160mm travel and just deal with the compromise.

I’m sure an Altitude or Slayer would both be fine and you’d have fun on both bikes. As for what to recommend some more details on what you realistically plan on riding with it would help.


Yep, there was a dude that rode the keppoch enduro on a fat bike. Respect.

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At some point it’s more about the rider than the bike… I’ve seen teenagers shredding down riverside on walmart DJ bikes


I actually have a few friends who ripped keppoch on 100 mm travel dirtjumpers last year and they had a blast hahaha