Rubber mastic tape for chain stay protector? Where to buy

Hello everyone

Looking for a stealthy chain stay protector and case across rubber mastic tape. Anyone know where to buy it? Hardware stores are hit or miss it seems. Bonus points if you know where to get it cheap.



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Marsh Guard Slapper Tape is mastic tape. I don’t know who the local distributor would be though.

Hockey tape?

Use an old piece of a tube taped to your chain stay.

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Would prefer to keep from wrapping a tube and hiding the frame. Hockey tape and electrical tape does it’s job protecting the frame but doesn’t do much to silence chain slap, that’s my experience anyways. Thank you for the response.

I used bar tape. I think it looks good and quiets any slap pretty good. I got a pack from bike again for 5 bucks (which is closed right now cause of covid). And it did two bikes. But where to find mastic tape, I don’t know.

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@Ryan02 I’ve got a bunch of 3M mastic tape. It’s used for electrical insulation when making splices, etc.
Graybar/ Harris and Roome would definitely have some in HRM

If you’re in the valley I can give you a roll of it. I’ve only got it in black or red.

Look at " bike shield protection " can get it online directly or at some bike shops.

This is what I do, only I use cable ties on one end, and the wrapped tube keeps the other end in place on it’s own.

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I can order that brand though work, didn’t know they made chain stay protectors though. I will look into. Thanks

Thanks! I will send you a dm

Electrical tape is fine but it doesn’t dampen the chain slap, but if you get electrical rubber tape then you’ll be good to go.


Piece of tube for sound dampening with electrical tape to fix. You don’t need the whole tube.

Stumbled on this old thread and figured I’d share my experience - I too went on a hunt for mastic tape in HRM / Nova Scotia and turned up empty handed.

Stopped by a handful of electrical supply stores and none of them stocked it, and called emailed a few more. Most said I’d need to order a case of it to be worthwhile for them, so a couple rolls was out of the question.

I ended up ordering online - the price is tough to swallow (watch for price drops if you have time, they will happen), but I tried the tube wrap and it was tough to get right with my bike / level of patience at the time.

I did the chainstays on my / my partner’s bike and there’s still plenty left.

This is just rubber tape? I had some specialized electrical cables made for a remote internet setup and they had rubber tape on them that would work good for this. I think it was from the Bell rental store on the Bedford Highway. Doubt they sell it though. I just use an old tube. Works like a charm.

Yep, 3M 2228 tape specifically is what I was looking for. Rubber tape usually used by electricians. I blame YouTube MTB channels for the obsession, heh.

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Same here, ended up ordering 3M 2228 on It’s annoying because in the US you can get this stuff for $10 at Home Depot but it’s next to impossible to find in Canada.

Edit: actually just noticed it’s on now for $25 a roll, actually not too bad compared to when I purchased a few months ago.

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This the stuff you guys are after??


You can order most 3M tape in various roll sizes and thickness off Amazon.

Marsh Guard also repackage and sell it in managable amounts.