S4 Suspension

I’m thinking of sending my fork and shock off to get a complete overhaul this winter. What have your experience’s been with S4 and how is their pricing?

Also interested in this. I’ve poked around their website a bit, and it looks easy enough to send the fork in yourself. Im thinking of sending my fork in this winter as well.

I’m pretty sure @Jetter has used them in the past.

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I’ve only bought fluids and seals from them but they were prompt and reasonably priced.

Will do my own work.

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I have noticed members in the past looking to see if anyone else was interested in order to get a discount. I used to do my own but now I’ll leave it to the pros.

I sent my shock to S4 last winter for a full rebuild as it wasn’t working quite right. S4 was excellent! Great communication and quick turnaround considering I sent my shock in during their busy season.

I sent my shock in with 3 other people, so we received 20% off. It cost me $160 for the full rebuild with synthetic oil and low friction seals. Would have been ~$200 without the discount.

I bought a full rebuild kit and found the rockshox service manual, so I did a complete service on my fork myself, along with the Vorsprung Luftkappe upgrade.

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Had mine sent sent in and the shock came back unfinished, I think this situation was an exception that doesn’t happen often, but regardless it was a hassle. They were very good and I sent it back on rush and they fixed it for no charge of course. They seem to have good customer service and value the quality of their work. Would recommend even with my mixed experience with them.

I’m in the same boat. My rockshox was not too bad to work on at home, but the new DVO Diamond I have now is a little more involved than I want to get. I’ll be looking to send one fork and possibly a rockshox deluxe rear shock if the price is right.
Part of me thinks my rear shock only needs an aircan service which I could do myself.

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Also interested in this, depending on when want to ship.

I’ve had a couple of forks, a shock, and two droppers serviced by S4. Myriam and Guy are great folks and they put customer satisfaction first. Shipping is easy, once you fill out the online form you box your fork up and DHL picks it up. Once it’s ready S4 gets in touch to arrange payment then they ship it back through DHL. Highly recommended.

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I’ll keep riding until things really freeze up and then ship them out. I’ve had hub issues the last two Novembers that cut my seasons early. I’m hoping to get well into December this year. We’ll see what the weather will do.


Two thumbs up from me! Great service.

I got lucky. You gave me a full build kit for the pike basically and a book with your step guide. The pike runs flawless to say the least!

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I may have used way more slick honey than needed…

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I damaged an upper seal and rubbed a stantion a bit. But ordered new seals and rings. Got working along and realized you gave me new seals and old wipers lol! I have half a mind to put that pike on my Norco lol.

i have been telling you to put the pike on the norco all summer :smiley:

also im on the fence of sending my float RP2 in for service or just replacing the shock right now, the rebound/propedal lever is leaking and its lost rebound adjustment :(, will have to be after i pay for my hockey fees for the winter though.

Just got my RS Super Deluxe RC3 back from S4. About $200 for a full rebuild with shipping and tax. Guillaume was awesome to deal with and very accessible. Plus they added a dope little ano S4 valve cap.

I messed it up while trying to bleed it myself. I now know my home shop maintenance limits. Other than brakes, anything with fluid will now be automatically sent away. They’re quick too.


S4 serviced an RP2 for me with the same problem. Set it up to the riding style and rider weight I requested and they were nice and fast.

Yeah just not sure it’s worth 200 to rebuild an old rp2, vs a sale shock of Jenson or CRC or even a dnm off Amazon. I have some time to ponder it before riding season 2020 heh

Hey , were you the guy I bought my Scott genius from? Just wanted to know if that rear shock came rebuilt from s4. Thanks