S4 Suspension

Not from me, been rocking a Kona hei hei 2-908 for 2 seasons now, hardtails and 26ers before that .

If your looking for another option for local suspension service check out @islandbicycleservices on Facebook. I service Rockshox, Fox and other brands. One-on-one customer service and easy shipping through Maritime Bus can be arranged. Email islandbicycleservices@gmail.com for more information.


The Bike Peddler in Dartmouth did my fork and shock last time and I am planning to have them done there again soon…no shipping costs, no dealing long distance if there is a problem, and got them back in two days and everything worked perfectly.

re: the bike peddler i dont think they do full service like islandbicycleservice and S4, just aircan service rear and basic lower/upper service. depends what you need i guess

S4 is offering 25% off both parts and service for Black Friday, discount code BF25, valid until Monday. If you want service done, I think you just need to have a work order submitted by Monday to get the discount.


Just dropped my Fork off at the post office. Went with a full fork service with SKF seals. Will post my experiences as it goes.

The online work order was simple to follow and fill out. I got an email with a work order # within minutes. That number gets written on the exterior of the box as per S4 instructions.

They offer pickup with Canpar for $45, but I paid $21 for regular parcel Canadapost.


I took advantage of their “Black Friday“ promotion. It was a simple process. My fork hasn’t been back on a bike though, after discovering a small crack on the chainstay weld on my Sight, that I bought used. Took advantage of Knolly’s sale and picked up a new frame which is scheduled to arrive Thursday! It will now be paired with a Crane Creek DB Coil IL.


Supasweeeet! @Wayners Which knolly did you get?

Got me an Endorphin. I needed a frame I could swap all my parts to. I’m not entirely sure if the coil will work out, I’ve never had one but thought it would be fun to try it.
It will be nice to have a warranty for a change also.

Endorphins are the bomb! It shouldn’t be a problem if it come with its own Knolly bearings For cane creek double barrel. I should say DB CS are expensive to maintain, compared to older fox or rockshox.

I had mine DB barrel CS sent to s4 they quoted me almost 500$ so I didn’t bother getting it back and replace it with used Fox from pink bike. I did had trouble fitting the rear shock fitting of the Fox to knolly but did manage to swap and fit it from loaner shock by Mark at BP. If you do have trouble putting it in the masters @bent6543 of Bike pedaler is at your expense.


Update: Fork made it to S4 in about 2 days from Nova Scotia. Regular parcel Canadapost.

Update #2: I received my invoice today from S4. Everything was nicely displayed and broken down on the invoice and there were no real suprises. I called and paid for the service over the phone and now the fork will be sent back to me via Canpar.

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I do a lot of suspension rebuilds but there are some instances form certain manufactures where I can not get OE parts for repairs. I always use S4 for those rebuilds and for the most part have been very happy with the service and would recommend them to anyone. Only once I had a fork sit there for over a month because they had to wait for parts to arrive before they could do the repairs.


This was a 2018 DVO Diamond, so it’s a little more tricky to get parts vs a rockshox or fox. The damper needed a new sealhead and I somehow managed to break a plastic spring retainer in the negative air spring.
They had both parts in stock and my fork was only with them for about 4 days total.


Update: Fork was on my doorstep yesterday when I arrived home.
The fork was well boxed and protected and they included some stickers, work order detailing what was done, and a few life savers as well.
Fork looks great and will be eager to have it on the bike this spring!


Anyone send a shock or fork to S4 lately?
I just dropped my RS Deluxe in the mail to Quebec to get the damper serviced.
Their website is saying 4-6 weeks due to COVID and parts supplies issues.

Anyone with any local experience this season?

Check out “forest suspension”. Its my buddy who was an OGC repair tech for ever then went out on his own.

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These guys are in the Peticodiac area outside of Moncton. I haven’t dealt with them yet.

@a.mart has started a suspension service operation as well called Granite Suspension. You can find him on the Instas.