Spider Lake Trail

Hey guys, new to the HRM bike scene. Wondering if Spider Lake is open to bikers? If so, where do we park to enter the trails. Cheers.

Just drive right to the end of spiderlake road and park there. Unfortunately the water comission has banned bikers from there land which is most the trails on the right side of the double track.
Still some fun trails to the left to play around on tho. Download the trailforks app. Type in spiderlake itll show all the open trails. Great app when your starting out and have no clue where your going haha. That was me 2 years ago

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Thanks buddy… apart from fight trail, what’s the go to spot up here?

Theres def more veterans around here to the bike scene than me but for in hrm your somewhat limited. Other than fight. Guys like whopper too i havent been there a whole lot.
My favorite trails r a bit of a drive. I like empire out in gore, the gorge in kentville and victoria park in truro

Trailforks shows the majority of the most popular trails in HRM (but as discussed in other posts not all). The only sanctioned and regularly maintained singletrack MTB trail in all of HRM is McIntosh Run (Fight Trail). The rest, well they might be okay, might be overgrown, might be “oldschool jank” .

McIntosh, Whopper and Spider are the most popular spots in HRM

“The only sanctioned and regularly maintained singletrack MTB trail in all of HRM is McIntosh Run (Fight Trail).”

A sad state of affairs, only 23km of sanctioned trail in a city of almost half a million people with a land mass comprising approximately 10% of the entire province.


Nice, albeit bleak, summary.


Daminion - Flipside and return via power lines is a good toe dip into whopper. Maybe short though.

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What way is best to ride suzie Q? take flip side all the way down and jump on suzie q? or head back after flip side and ride suzie q the same way?

Suzie Q clockwise and Suzie Lake loop counter clockwise.


Suzie Q is good in both directions. The climbs are harder going CCW.

I like to ride Damonion > Flipside > Death March > Lakota Way > Lake Loop > Susie reverse then decide how to come out.

You can pop out via the new trail into the start of DM, and drop down to the power lines for a bomb back to Scotch. We did that the other night and it was a solid option.

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Heads up there are reports of black bear on the trails on the west side of the access doubletrack.


@bent6543 I was there last night and I thought I saw something in my peripheral vision. I assumed it was a black dog or a lump of something shadowy and didn’t give it much thought. I had a bear encounter there a few years ago but he wasn’t the least bit interested in sticking around


Careful if your going through my humps. Its getting overgrown and hard to see the terrain. I ate it hitting a rock awkward tonight that i didnt see

This is the time of year I’ll often carry pruning shears in my pack. Spending a few minutes here and there can make a big difference. If things get ridiculous then it’s machete time.


If your into freeride the range trails at the Bedford range is fun