Uci world cup dh

Week 2 is in the books. The canadian kid jackson goldstone took bronze. The rate hes going if he can stay healthy he could set records!!! Finn isle took silver.

Has anyone noticed team commencial mucoff appears to be non existant… i dont think ive seen them in the lineups for either race. Are they not competing? Injured? Boycotting the new format?

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I haven’t noticed. I’ve been to busy being force fed random bits of e bike racing in the middle of enduro highlights, and trying to decipher when the announcers are yelling over each other.

I’ll take redbull back and EWS back please.

And don’t get me started on dropping the North American stops on the enduro side of things.


The new commentary team for dh is absolutely painful to listen to. Id rather listen to paint dry

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Amaury Pierron has a broken neck (C5) from a crash last weekend and Pompon has a massive concussion and is unable to race. Daprela raced yesterday and did fairly well.

Ric isn’t bad at commentating, he knows the sport well. Cedric isn’t great. I miss Warner, but it’s still pretty awesome coverage.


@brightwhite I agree that Ric is decent, Cedric is the worst. But I can look past it because the racing is top notch this year. I miss Rob too, and I hope they maybe swap in someone like Needles at some point for a change. But I’ve been quite pleased with the coverage, especially that last few riders, we are seeing far more of the runs than red bull ever showed.

What might have a happened had Greg not go stood up on that tree? Might not have been a winning run but probably a podium. Goldstone probably would’ve had it had he not cooked the corner and boy did Peaty know it. Even Hoffman was on a heater until she over cooked a corner. But that’s racing. Rachel wasn’t even supposed to race this weekend and took 2nd. I’d like to see Tahnee get back on form and battling, but her concussion didn’t do her any favours.
The talent is high and we’ve got a couple Canadian missiles fighting for the top step once again, so I’ll take that. Really anything to keep be Frenchies off of the top box haha. There have been so many years of French domination, it be killer to see Iles and Goldstone up on that box with Canadian domination.


Honestly, if we’d never known Warner, no one would be bitching about the commentary. But he truly is the voice of this sport and did that job at such an exceptional level for so long that it’s hard to stomach anything else.

I am truly pleased with the race coverage though. As they get more experienced I think this production crew will continue to elevate what we see. Well worth the $10/month.


Ive been hearing people cant access it through discovery+ without using a vpn. Is that true? Ive been on the fence about caving and paying because i love watching every year im just a bit confused.

What platform are you guys using to watch it?

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I havent bought the service just watch the semis on youtube then see highlights on there or ig. I believe gcn is like $50 for the year

I got discovery+ only to then find out that the sports is geo blocked in North America, which is a bummer as discovery+ had some other stuff I probably would’ve watched. I cancelled that and got GCN+ and have had no problems, GCN+ has apps for apple and Amazon so I can watch it on my devices and my Amazon fire tv. I’ve got no complaints. The whole year was $60 plus tax which is like $6/mth taxes in. So I just bought the whole year package.

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perfect. thanks man. I think im going to get GCN+ as I feel like im missing out big time.

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Hey @JOsh ,

I’ve got an android box and only pay $25 a month for IPTV. I get absolutely everything. European, North American… like everything. Blacked out NHL games, you get it, NFL red zone, brand new movies in theatres you get about two weeks after they go to box office.

For other sports like all the MTB and road tours, I watch everything on RedBull TV or Sky Eurosport and it’s live.

I’ve got a guy that sells the boxes. $100 one time fee, then all you need is WIFI. From there my guy could hook up your IPTV service. I simply e-transfer him $25 a month.


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What’s his weed like?



You could pay a lot more for nothing from Bell. :person_shrugging:t2:

Just sharing viewing options.

The bonus here being, you’ll have more $$$ to buy more weed.

Win, win!

Oh and I wouldn’t recommend him for that, Coastal home delivery is probably your best bet.


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


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Tried IPTV once. Morals and copyright law aside, it was a shit show to say the least, and we have so much content available to us legally through streaming platforms. I had thousands of channels, but the channel numbers changed daily, so good luck finding what I wanted, then it just stopped working randomly. Small startups like GCN would really benefit from the dollars I would assume.

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It definitely would be sweet to see finn and jackson on the podium for the overall. Add that to even wearint steve smith tribute jerseys.

Pretty sure Val Di Sol is the next date. Looking forward to it

Personally, the bulk of my viewing is sports and movies. Sports are easy to find as they have their own setting and movies are a different area. Works great for my needs. And instead of paying for multiple apps or program I get all I need or want for $25 a month.

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I subscribed to GCN+. I think the announcing improved for race 2 but I don’t feel like Cedric offers very much to the broadcast. I feel like I am spoiled by MotoGP announcing. And even it has serious room for improvement. That being said I pay 150 euros annually to watch all 21 races. Even the qualifying and practices have announcers. Simon Crafar is an ex racer and tech savvy, and he makes the broadcast. It’s hard to beat Supercross for announcing when you haveThe Goat on the team. I can’t remember what I paid for all the Supercross and Motocross races. Maybe 140 usd?


This weekends race is going to be gooooood :eyes: who you got? Im hoping to see Bernard kerr do well this year.