'Unofficial' Sportwheels Fall/Winter rides

I can do that! Sound Advice.

We are losing light earlier every night it seems but that is no excuse to not ride!

We continue our weekly rides throughout the fall/winter at Sportwheels. We meet at the shop same time as we did during the summer; about 6:30-6:45 every Tuesday evening, and head out to a local trail. From time to time we are going to throw in something a little different. Maybe a movie night somewhere, a spin class possibly, or even a snowshoe or tobogganing get together! It’s all about being outside, getting some exercise and having fun!

Sunday mornings myself and Jeff will be hosting a more intermediate/advanced ride. We will take some road trips every so often, and do some exploring on off-the-beaten-path trails. During the spring we may even try to organize some road rides when the trails are less than ideal.

At the shop we have some demo lights available for use and lots of parts and accessories to make sure your fall/winter riding season is as enjoyable or even more so than the summer!

I hope to see the regular riders as well as some new faces!

This coming Sunday we will be riding Whopper. Because I work at noon the ride will start at 9am. Meet at the parking lot by valu village/Burger King in Bayers lake. See you there!

Last Tuesday evening we rode the gun range and it was great! It was the first time there for a few and although a short ride it was well worth it!

This Sunday is the Spokebender Classic in Wentworth and the Sportwheel Racers (Stacey, Matt and Chris) are going to be in attendance. I am on the disabled list for this Sunday as well. On October 24th myself, Jeff , Doug and hopefully Stacey are heading over to PEI to participate in the Downeaster 4 hour event. Hence, the Sunday ride for October 17th and 24th will be cancelled.

Tuesday evening rides are still happening!!! I have lights ready to loan out, bikes ready to loan out and between myself and Aaron we know a ton of trails to ride! I hope to see everyone come on out and enjoy the fantastic fall weather we are receiving. Make sure you dress appropriately and bring your light if you have one!

We meet at the shop about 6:45 and leave about 7pm for a local trail!

I spent a hour on same trails behind my house in beaverbank this morning. Up to my knees in water at times. Would not have been any fun for a group, trust me.

We’re heading out this Tuesday Nov. 2nd as per usual. We will meet at Sportwheels for 6:30-6:45 and we’ll take off to a local trail.

Lately we have been hitting up some different trails (spider, bedford gun range) as we have been getting more experienced riders. However, if you’re new to the sport or just new to night riding we have no problem choosing a more relaxed route.

I have a few sets of lights to loan out as well as a couple of really nice Norco bikes for people to check out if you wish. Contact me to reserve a light.

There will be a ride on Sunday. I will update the location and time in a day or so.

Great ride tonight! Had about 9-10 folks and headed to Spider then had some great Thai food to top it all off.

I’ll post up about Sunday am, but I definitely have a location in mind!

Last night was awesome, had a fantastic time!

Sunday ride is at Evil Birch.

Directions are here.

From Highway 102 take exit 2 (Kearney Lake Road).Turn onto Kearney Lake Road westbound and travel aprox. 150 mLook for a low brick wall and a driveway on the left side of Kearney Lake Road immediately after the highway Pull in. You are there.

need a guide?

Sunday ride is cancelled due to inclement weather.

We are still riding this Tuesday night. Be prepared to get wet maybe. Bring dry clothes. Will probably be well drained/graveled double track. See you at the shop 6:45.

Due to the utter craptitude of the weather, I am sending this update via my soggy and only underwear clad spot at my desk. This public service anouncement is advising you all of the cancellation of our otherwise weather-independent fun fest known as the Sportwheels Beginner Ride. After riding home from work, I’d say no one is really up for it, and it’s uber hard on drivetrains. So kiddies, we will hopefully be out in full force next week. Toodles! I’m off to eat some beans and fish cakes.

Next week,for a dryer experience we’ll cycle in the Jungles of Sumatra.

Sorry for the late update folks, but due to weather yet again, we will be waiting until Sunday AM to ride. Also doesn’t help when I have to work late. Keep in the loop for future updates and possible rain alternatives. In the mean time, have a good’un and look forward to Sunday!

PS. Written by Aaron with the wifey’s account. :slight_smile:

The weather is looking agreeable for this Sunday so I will be hosting a ride. I’m waiting on location to see what dries up the quickest essentially. As much as we miss riding we have to be responsible and avoid creating unnecessary trail damage.

I will post up a location and time as soon as I can.

Ride Sunday November 21st.

The Links

If you are interested in caravning or carpooling meet at Sportwheels on Sunday at 0900 am.

We are looking to meet at the trail head approximately 1015-1030 am and enjoy some of the best trails the valley has to offer! All levels of riders are welcome.

Any questions email me or call me on my cell at 220-0848

I finally get out for a ride on what started to be a nice mild night.
As we are about to start it started to trickle rain,

4 diehard soles ventured out in what turned out to be pouring rain I couldn’t see a thing with my fogged up glasses but I had a great time.

I got to check out my new AY UP 400 lumen head lamp. It’s a nice light but with my poor eye sight it’s not bright enough it will be excellent for winter riding.

It has a very even light with no spot light effect.

I’ve seen deep long puddles and I’ve seen heavy rain

I’ve seen snowy clumps that I thought would never end

I remember lonely times when trying to see was a pain

But I always thought that I’d see your tail light again…

Nice Ride Folks!