Weekly MTB ride for June 30th

So…here’s a thought. Wednesday is Canada Day and most people have it off. Would there be interest in a road trip to the valley?

I knows the trails and the pubs.

I can fit 3 more people and bikes in my truck if anyone wants to car pool down from Halifax. We would need to meet at 6:15 somewhere (sackville maybe?).

What trail are you thinking of riding?

@riderx, what trail are we going to hit?

I’m hearing its the gorge.

The gorge is good. We can throw in P2, and a couple others if the weather is okay.

I’m confused, are you riding during the day Wednesday, or the usual 7:00pm?

Sounds fun. You can make a great loop starting at the bottom of the Gorge.

This is the usual 7pm ride. @riderx, mentioned that Wednesday is a holiday to assuage the concerns of people that work the next day.

Official Post

This week we will go on a bit of a mini road trip. Let’s take in all the awesomeness of one of the Valley’s many trail systems. Let’s go to the Gorge, P2, and maybe play around Pumptrack.

For those coming from Halifax, Wednesday is a holiday so no need to worry about being tired for work the next day. The Gorge parking lot is located at the end of Gladys Porter Dr across from the ball fields in Kentville.

Where: The Gorge, Kentville (end of Gladys Porter Dr)
When: Tuesday, June 30th 7pm

*weather dependant of course, rain date Wednesday July 1st

I am in if I can get a lift. @JeffV do you still have room?

Yes, you got spot #2 @LMac.

Is there a car pool spot by Kearney Lake exit to 102?

NSLC / Tim Hortons parking lot ?

Ok, 6:15 at the Time Hortons / NSLC parking lot on Kearney Lake Rd.

Ok with you @LMac?

Works for me, see you then.

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I wish I could make it, those are fun trails!

@ jetter Another time…but soon. So many trails to ride, so little time!

Hey @JeffV, Mind giving me a lift from Lower Sackville? I can meet you at the beaver bank exit at the bus terminal if that works.

Ok, @xaero, but we will need to load and go.

I’m a bit concerned we will not make it for 7. @LMac, @Dominator, @xaero are you folkes able to meet a 6pm meet time?

Might be 6:15 for you @xaero.