Weird squeak coming from my bike


Every time I ride I keep hearing this squeaking noise coming from my bike and it’s kind of annoying. I think its either one of two things. It could be coming from my shock and its corresponding parts or it could be coming from the stem (I do have carbon spacers so they could be rubbing together). Any ideas on what this could be?

Thanks in advance!

chek ur cabels


Cables, bolt torque (too tight, too loose), internal to the shock, can you record a video and post it?

Yeah I’ll try and rig up my GoPro and see what I can do

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Deadly! Are you in HRM by chance?

Yeah I am, Hammonds Plains area

Perfect! If no resolve after video posting I can swing out and have a look.

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Awesome, thanks, I appreciate it

You need to buy a new bike…


It’s only a 2017 though, not that old in my opinion

Have you ever had your bushings replaced?

I never have in the 2 years I’ve owned it, but there is a possibility the previous owner did (he was a bike mechanic by trade)

You’re suggesting replacing the bike because its making a noise? I hope that was meant to be sarcasm.


:laughing: Time for me to get a new bike. I’m sure that I can convince my wife that the noise poses a safety concern :wink:


Hahaha I mean, yes we can totally come up with a convincing argument for our partner or spouses, however, and hear me out here…that may not be necessary… shhh shh, I know…

Yes, it was sarcasm. The internet doesn’t always allow for correct intrepetation of comments. I apologize for anyone who may have been offended by my previous comments.

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I figured as much! No harm done I hope, the wording puzzled me but im very literal and that happens all the time.

Here’s a video of the sound it makes. I know the sound of the tires is super loud but you can still hear the squeaks. I am almost certain it is coming from the bearings so they might need to be replaced. Thoughts?

Sorry it’s so short, ecmtb won’t let me post a longer video.

Does it only do it when pedalling or only when theres pressure on the bars? How close to the end of the seat posts travel are you?

Edit to add; did this sound start suddenly, if so what were you doing before it started?

It typically happens when I am peddling uphill. I washed it on the weekend and before I washed it, it would squeak when peddling on flat roads too. I have a dropper on it and I ride with the dropper post all the way up (I’ve been doing a lot of street riding lately and haven’t been required to put my dropper down).

This sound has been going on for some time, I’ve just procrastinated doing something about it lol