What are your hobbies other than cycling?

Curious what other things people get up to here?

I have been making furniture and other wooden things for quite a few years.
You can see pictures of some of my stuff here: http://woodworkgallery.net/

This has lead to my latest endeavour, sawing my own lumber. I bought a small bandsaw mill this spring and I have been having a ton of fun turning round sticks into smaller rectangular sticks.

I know there are lots of people who must be doing interesting stuff as well, share some pictures and show us what you are doing!


I started making cheese during the pandemic and love it. Its so unforgiving.


That is something I have wanted to try! I hear mozzarella can be relatively easy to start out with.

Weightlifting but hardly do It with lockdowns. Woodworking where I’m a Carpenter by trade. I can keep myself busy building stuff for others. Also illustration and graphic design

Been super busy the last year with work and riding so I haven’t really been drawing at all though


I’m a longtime BBQ nut. I own several smokers, and do everything from ribs to brisket and everything in between. My insta is where I put a lot of my food photos.

Italian ribs:


During the pandemic I picked up lockpicking, and am now completely hooked on it. I love problem solving, and puzzles, so I sided with years of curiosity, and haven’t been able to put it down since. You can buy 20 locks of the same model, and each will behave slightly different.


Nice! My wife wants to get a mill after the past few winters of snigging logs in the backcountry and turning them into lumber for our outbuildings. She practically had a woodgasm when we went to Hardwoodlands for fenceposts the other day.


During this last lockdown I got back into playing electric (been playing acoustic again since the first lockdown) and teaching my oldest as we go :grin:


It’s funny/not funny but I’ve actually lost interest in all of my interests other than cycling and I barely held on to that. I’m slowly getting back to the things I enjoy outside of biking which are in no particular order:hunting/fishing, brewing beer, art house movies, indie comic books and pre 1990 comics, vintage 8bit game consoles (Atari etc, pre Nintendo stuff), dining out, spending more than I should on clothing (haven’t done that in years, doubt I’ll take it up again). Not that I’ll ever do it again but I used to love checking out local and not so local indie bands downtown. Used to get the hpx bracelet and go through sleep deprevation for a week.


I tried that one last weekend. I messed it up because I didn’t stir it gently enough…so it became ricotta. Hehe The trend seems to be that it’s hard to make soft cheeses uneatable, they just become some other cheese. Aged cheese is the hard stuff. Give it a shot, watch Gavin Webber’s YouTube videos and you can manage. The photo above is Halloumi…came out a bit brittle but tease great.



Pluckin’ pedalling and paddling


It is surprisingly affordable, especially if you have land with standing timber and a way to get it out of the woods.
Even with buying logs, I have pretty much already broken even on the cost of the mill after sawing lumber for the first project we are working on. If the price of lumber comes back down again it will take a little longer but still easy to do.

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I used to really enjoy going to gigs. There was one year about a decade ago that I saw over 130 bands in 12 months. Haven’t done that in a long time, but I am itching to go to another concert. Last one I saw was Tool in New Orleans just before the pandemic hit. Good show to end on, I guess.

Also really don’t touch my guitars much any more. Was never very good at it, and I’d rather ride my bikes.


Nice! Is that Walnut or Mahogany (or something else!) for the body of the 5-string?

Other than the biking I really like working on bikes, customizing bikes, assembling bikes and servicing my suspension :rofl:

I’m also really into playing acoustic and electric guitar, and messing with pedals and recording gear.


My covid hobby was making pizza. Hooked on it now.

I did try lock picking for a while too. Neat just to know you can. I got frustrated with one particularly troublesome lock and put it a way for a bit, lol.



That looks fantastic! Yum

Fly fishing!


Solid Koa. I’ve had it for 25 years. It’s a Warmoth parts bass. Active EMG’s and heavy. The other is a Sire V7. Great little bass for the money.


Cycling when the weather is nice… squash when it isn’t.