What are your hobbies other than cycling?

Kiteboarding. I’ve been kiting for 10 years. I actually took up mountain biking so I had a sport for the days it wasn’t windy. That’s not so much of a problem in Nova Scotia - bigger problem in Ontario in the summer. Moved here in late 2018.


Fly fishing, fly tying, and breaking rocks.


Cooking pizza and petty crime. What a combo Jeff! :joy:


I’ve always been a big paddler and had started to chase whitewater with the canoe in the last few years. This past winter I got a whitewater kayak and stared big into that because it’s so much fun and it’s great to have a activity that I can do in the off season from mountain biking. Prime whitewater season is from November to April here so it works great. If it gets really really cold and icy then we hit the pool to work on some skills. That combined with ice climbing keeps me busy in the winter since I often don’t work from December to April.

I’ve also started to dabble in woodworking. It’s a work in progress.


I’ve collected comic books for many years.
Throughout the pandemic I re-read a lot of mini-series’ and complete series’ I have. During the lockdown last spring the Comic Hunter in Moncton helped me out with my wish-list (over phone/internet/mail) by sending me piles of comics to fill holes in my collection.
I’m currently re-reading Descender an excellent sci-fi/dystopian future series.


Have you ever tried expanding grout to break rock… it’s used in construction to break up concrete without a heavy jackhammer too…

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Meh, I really like my feathers and wedges.

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I’m just a tinkerer in my spare time. I like to fix electrical and mechanical things around the house and collect different tools to do so.

I like to keep everyone’s bikes running well. I’ve had the motor off my wife’s e-bike apart to chase down a noise and then regreased, regasketed and back on. Rebuilt all the forks on my bikes with better seals and fluids. Cannibalised broken consoles to get one working one,. I spent a few months working up the junkyard when I though my job security clearance wouldn’t take forever so was able to grab stuff off the shred pile to fix things around the house. Just stuff like that.

During the lockdown I did a bit of everything, cooking, baking, bbqing, model building etc.


Thought about getting a portable mill to turn logs into trail features, but kind of want the logs to still look sort of like logs, not boards, so I just got a beam rider chainsaw jig for splitting logs. Much more portable than a mill, too.

A lot of my time not riding is doing trail work. Not sure that really counts, because it’s still cycling-related. Really enjoyed making some log benches and features last year, and hoping to do more of those this year.

I got into badminton a few years ago, and really enjoy it now, when we’re not Covid-locked-down. I was looking for something to do for activity while the weather’s bad and the trails are wet. There was a badminton night at our college campus, so I thought I would try it out. I was nervous, because I always REALLY sucked at racket sports. But I stuck with it and got better. I’m still very much an intermediate player, but have been watching a lot of youtube instructional videos, and am slowly improving. Some of the more experienced players sometimes give me advice that I shouldn’t make a certain shot, or I should really hit to a different spot, and I think, “You must think I’m better than I am, because I was just happy to get it over the net!”


Nice! A few years ago our basement in flooded and I lost around 2000 comics so my “filling gaps” days are way over. Luckily I had moved a few boxes to our current place beforehand so I have those at least.

On a positive note, Cal who owns Strange Adventures gifted me a solid run of one of the series I lost (Cerebus) and shortly after that the author/artist Dave Sim in Kitchener found out about it and shipped nearly the entire run to me(it’s a 300 issue series) . Every issue signed and numbered plus some in those plastic case things. Was pretty surprised when I went to get the mail that day.


@gokatgo Your carpentry skills are enviable!

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Thanks baron. Been at it a while now…

We bike all summer and then snowboard all winter…only reason we dont have fat bikes, no time in the winter to use them.

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Also in my spare time I have been experimenting with turning grass into meat. The building and maintenance of the infrastructure has been full bore the past few years.


Man that must have been heartbreaking. I can understand slowing down or stopping collecting altogether after something like that happens. I can’t imagine.
It’s cool that Cal helped you out though, he’s a good guy. And then for Sim to send you issues is so awesome!.

One of the things I miss as a result of the pandemic is going to shops and flea markets and rummaging through back issues. Especially dollar bins, sometimes you can find some real trash and real treasures in dollar bins. The best is when one issue is both!


Another 2 wheeled hobby and do some photography… why did I have to pick all expensive hobbies :thinking:


Nice whip! :star_struck::star_struck:

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I’ve spent a bit of time lately watching my brother-in-law build race bikes and motors for his son. I can see how it gets both fun and expensive fast! It’s just like MTB, there’s always a way to pour more money into it!

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@David_NZ absolutely! She may look nice but there always seems to be something to do to it, blew the motor in it a couple years ago and not it’s packing a race built engine $$$

I have too many hobbies lol. Im a sports nut
Hockey was always my passion growing up and i still play but now i put mtbing right there with it.
Picked up gentleman’s box lacrosse a few years ago and fell in love with it.
Golfing is another sport i love.
Ive gotten into hiking a little bit more in the last few years as well especially with the new dog
With picking up so many new hobbies over the last 5 years just dont seem to find the time to go fishing as much another thing I love to do.
Also play slo pitch throughout the summer haha
Oh yeh and drinking different craft brews one of my fav hobbies lol and im pretty good at it
Also great my young fella has taken to most of the samethings minus drinking anyways