What do you put in your pack?

I did some … logging at lunch with my bike. As I was putting my axe into my pack I said "why am i carrying enough to be prepared for chumps that won’t bring their own stuff…and gutted a lot of my pack.

What do you bring? What is your weight limit that you’ll carry?

I’ll post my kit later when I re pack it.

Also: I’m often too lazy to fill it with water. I prefer water bottles. Yup. I said it.

  • tube
  • tools
  • tire levers
  • pump
  • leatherman
  • derailleur hanger
  • water
  • chain link
  • phone

The bag always has:

  • tube
  • tools (allen keys, chain tool, tire levers)
  • spares (small tube patch kit, spare chain link, tire patch, zip ties)
  • pump
  • small first aid kit (packed down to the size of a deck of cards)
  • lighter
  • $10
  • bar or snack
  • 2L water
  • phone

Depending on where I’m riding I’ll also throw in:

  • Fixed blade knife (carried on outside)
  • Mapping GPS unit
  • Trailblazer folding saw
  • flagging tape
  • compact rain poncho (size of a deck of cards)
  • water
  • pump
  • shockpump
  • tube
  • tire levers
  • multitool
  • granola bar
  • spare hanger
  • phone
  • lighter

Water bottle
Tube taped to frame
Inflator in pocket
Cell phone

As a chump who refuses to carry his own stuff I just hope @bent6543 has what I need. Always has so far. When I ride by myself it’s just a pump, tube and phone. I never wear a back pack anyway. I don’t want people to think I might know how to ride a mountain bike. XD

Multi Tool
Tire levers
Small First Aid Kit
Master Link

I’m wondering why @muddy brings $5, but @bent6543 is bringing $10.

you can buy a lot of candy bars for $10 :slight_smile: Probably come from habit when I use to commute longer distances, you can get almost anything you need for $10.

Don’t worry @adam I’ve got your back, and anyone else who is in the woods, if I can help I will.

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It probably was $10 at some point and I spent some of it :smile:

I carry way too much, but I sometimes ride alone (now that I have a wife riding partner not so much anymore :slight_smile: ) and like to be prepared.

Camelback for drinking - I got tired of wiping mud off water bottle nozzles - and sometimes being so mud-covered that I don’t have anything clean to wipe down with
Sometimes a waterbottle for dousing myself on hot days, or spraying mud off brakes and drivetrain

Bike repair:
Spare tube
Tire levers
CO2 inflater
Shock pump
Derailleur hanger
Chain tool
Spare chain links
A Quick Link
Zip ties

Small First aid kit

Survival gear:
Bear bell
Fly dope
Mini survival kit in a can
Foil blanket
Cereal bars and gummies
Waterproof matches
Orange plastic garbage bag (good for making a rain poncho or shelter and the orange color makes it more visible)
Hot packs during the winter
MEC Turtle Light
Pink fluorescent flagging tape

Windbreaker if cold or chance of rain

Lights including a spare light if going out in the evening and there’s a chance of being out after dark.

I carry a bit extra too, but that comes from leading rides the last ten years or so.

Multi tool
co2 tool and 6-8 carteridges
patch kit
extra tubes (usually a variety of sizes, just in case)
gel or similar
Foldable jacket
extra light during this season
Money (amount varies)
First Aid kit
Cell phone
chain break
quick links (multiple for different chains)
and the occasional emergency beer(s)

I have frame bags that live on my bikes so I don’t have to carry a backpack anymore. Can’t stand them. My load varies seasonally, but my essentials include:

spare tube
tool kit (incl small folding knife)
mini pump
water (2l)
lightweight jacket
mini first aid kit
care card

In the shoulder season/winter I also add:

leg and arm warmers
rain jacket
helmet liner
wool liner gloves
extra snacks

Then there’s my overnighter kit with a lot of other stuff…