Woodville trail system Closure

It is with heavy hearts we must announce the closure of the Woodville trail system effective December 22nd.

AVMBA and other community groups are working towards a resolution to retain access in part or whole, however, for the meantime starting December 22, 2020 the Woodville Trail system is off limits . We must respect the wishes of the land owner.

We thank the land owners, and the many volunteers over the years who have made Woodville such a wonderful place to ride or hike.



Sad to hear this. It’s a considerable loss.


Didn’t think I’d ever been there but then I looked it up and saw that we used to have a mtb race there. Bummer.

Have they closed it to all users or just MTB? That certainly is a loss. Lots of chunky downs, leg burning climbs and trail options. Any word as to why the landowner(s) shut it down?

From the Woodville community association webpage: “The property is for sale and the land owner has decided that closing it to public access is appropriate at this time. Please respect the wishes of the land owner.”

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What Slider said

Public access of any kind will be prohibited as of Jan 2.

There were a few races over the years. The last one I remember was an enduro put on by Trailflow. The elevation and terrain made for a challenging ride or race.

We sure did a fair bit of shuttling to ride Gravity link too.

As someone who can basically see the trails from my office window as I write this…this news is a huge loss to both the MTB community, and this end of Kings County.

On the plus side, its only 295K…so if anybody has $294,980 lying around, I’m up for a partnership :slight_smile:


What a bummer… it’s the best enduro in the valley. Hefty climbs and great descents, hopefully there’s a resolution

Hopefully there is some sort of bicycling association in the area that could potentially lobby for provincial grants to purchase it. Would be a huge loss if it got developed or something


Out of curiosity can you post the real estate advertisement.



Assessed at 42k and going for close to 1400/acre for an undeveloped woodlot. I like how the trails are a selling point. /s


Yes, as President of the AVMBA, we are looking at various ways to work something out for this piece of property. We can certainly use some assistance towards that front if you can lend a hand!

Drop me a line via the forums here or at konarider@hotmail.com.


I just heard from a reliable source that there is an accepted offer on this property and the trails will now be closed as of December 22nd. I’ll provide a link as soon as the info is posted online.

I just received the email myself. Woodville will be closed to the public as of Dec 22nd.

This is a massive loss. Lacey Link and all the bridge work on gravity had made it in the best shape that it had been in years.

I’m interested to see how they manage to keep people off the land. ATV, hikers, snowshoers, horse rides, cyclists, hikers, dog walkers and the local snowmobile associations all use the land their often throughout the year. There are multiple entrances and the entirety of the trail system is located over multiple parcels of land, including the one in question.