Post your bike


There must be more bikes on this site.
Post your bike yo!


I had one from wolfville skills park in front of a tree and everything. I lost it while trying to upload to here via iPhone cause it was too big. Since then i’ve made the image upload size larger, so hopefully soon! :stuck_out_tongue:


How big are the iPhone pictures any how?


Its highly dependant upon conditions and the similarity of portions of the image. I just took a photo of a black cabinet in low light and it was 1.4 megs. Then I stuck it outside and took a picture of my yard with a bright playground, a shed and lots of trees n leaves and it was 4.4 megs.

iPhone picture sizes

I found this nice bench down by second lake. I put my 2011 Giant Reign 1 in front of it.


Finally got my bike out and my wood pile uncovered at the same time…

2013 Ghost AMR2955 in need of some cleaning.


2014 Trance 2 after a sweet 42k November loop. *Soon time to move the wood to the basement.


Hopefully all this wood makes up for my lack of wood in the other pictures…

My main ride - 2014 Giant Trance 1



Winter ‘beater’/spare bike - 2010 Norco Fluid



Commuter/road bike - 2013 Jamis Ventura Sport






Kona dawg Norco Iron horse


my 2013 salsa el mariachi 2 perched next to a dried out douglas fir in central oregon this past spring.

…and my “road” bike i use for all but the most gnarly singletrack. a 2013 kona rove. not much wood around my condo…


Fat in Mt Uniacke



I seem to be reaching for this baby not just in the winter.


My new Norco Sight!


I added the picture for you, @Darcy. Were you having issues uploading?

Sweet ride, by the way.


Nice wood too!


First real ride once I finish this coffee…I just put it together yesterday. I used to work for a bike shop in Northern Ontario and got a sweet deal deal from my buddy/shop owner…


2015 Giant Reign 2, only change is the switch to 1 x 10. Loving it!


Do you know how difficult it is for me to resist the urge to be a juvenile when you say stuff like this?!