Post your bike


What are the specs on the dog?


1 year and half old Border Collie named Bella.
44 lbs of trail ripping machine!


Joined the StumpJumper club.




Man with that black it’s a sharp looking bike.


I posted it before but it’s officially payed off and 100% mine now! So happy as it’s by first brand new bike purchase.


This should be fun! A new to me aquirement via trade




New to me… Can’t wait for shuttle runs at Keppoch!!


My new To me 2009 norco manik. All original; including tires!!


I cant wait for the dirt jumps to dry


My latest tester.
2018 Garneau Gros Louis 0.
This just screams FAST (for a fattie)


Is that KonaCarl’s old Dudu?




Of these bikes I just have the Chute left. With a regular fork on it


I don’t know, I bought it from a guy named Luke in Tantallon as a frame only and built it up. I like your Kona pics, I have a few of them- the Dudu (2004), a 2002 Caldera (on loan to my dad at the moment), a tricked out 2006 Stinky 24 (my son’s bike), a 2006 Cinder Cone, a 2010 Cadabra, and my buddy keeps his 2012 Tanuki at my place too.

Those are just the Konas… too many bikes (but never enough LOL)


Yeah, that’d be Luke Downing, he bought it from KonaCarl who bought it new as a frame.


It’s in amazing shape, doesn’t seem like it was ridden very much.


Carl used to use a small felt pen on the rim to designate where it got hung on the hook.


Wow! He wouldn’t like what I do with my bikes then lol