2016 Challenge

The new year is upon us. It has been a great year riding some new trails and hanging out.

Let’s nail down some goals for 2016. Some of us achieved our goals from last year and the rest of us, well let’s make it happen for 2016.

I did 1432 km according to Strava and I was aiming for 2000. This year I’m going for 2500. I know I can do it, just need to take advantage of those good weather days.

What are you aiming for this year?

@riderx - last: 1432; goal: 2500 kms
@JeffV - last: 660; goal: 1000 kms
@Rolls - last: 940; goal: 1200 kms
@bent6543 - last: 1499km/75 rides; goal: 104 rides
@brightwhite - last: 5400; goal: 7000 kms
@Adam - last: 12214; goal: 16094 kms
@Jetter - last: 690; goal: 1000 kms
@ghost - last 1813; goal: 2000 kms
@xaero - last 415; goal: 800 kms
@Maritimer - last 4944;goal 6500 km
@jvanlux - last: ???; goal: 2500kms
@bikegeek - last: 6972; goal: 8000km
@Pepperjester - last: unknown; goal: 2500km
@LetMeRide29er - last: 320; goal: 600km

I hit my goal for 2015 with 1499.4 km, almost 1000km of mtb riding, pretty happy with that but there were stretches of time where I didn’t get out much. For 2016 my goal will be based on days riding instead of actual distance. Juggling life, family and riding seems to be getting more difficult at this point so If I can get out twice a week and have fun I’ll be happy regardless of the distance traveled.


My goal for 2015 was 6,000 kms. I fell short by 600, but I still beat my 2014 number by 1,400 kms. I’m hoping to hit 7,000 kms this year, with lots more 100+ km road rides, and I’d like to finally get a proper 100 mile century in at a good pace.

I also want to do a bunch more epic four to eight hour mountain bike rides and I’m also hoping to get to Kingdom Trails and Highland Park. A bit of racing would be nice too, but I don’t really care that much.

I’m in again. This time I’m shooting for a million meters on the trails.

This post is now a wiki-edit. So if you are in feel free to edit it an add your details in the post above.

Had an awesome year last year, don’t know if I will be able to replicate so I put in a reasonable goal. Outdoor kms count for me, road or mountain.

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Going with the same goal as last year with a mix of road and mountain riding, but no commuting this year.

Just noticed this topic after replying to the 2015 Challenge and I see my goal is already here! Thanks – that was quick!

I should be able to reach 2000 km (1813 km last year) if I can get a bit of winter riding in. I was without my bike for a few months last winter because I had to replace the fork.

my last year was pretty bad… the snow slowed me down in the early end and I don’t think I logged a single ride in December.

Just added my numbers. It will primarily be a drop-bar season for me. Looking to do a couple of full centuries. I’ve heard that the Boomer’s Legacy ride is scheduled for late June - so that will be heavy training for an early season century. Middleton will be the mid-season century. Undecided for AHC this year. A new MTB doesn’t appear to be in the budget and I need a new fork at a minimum for the Roam. We’ll see.

Good luck, everyone!

Go for a cro-mo rigid fork @AHC, really throw people for a loop with your flat bar road bike. :smile:

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That’s actually what I’m thinking…you can’t blow the seals out of something with no seals…What could possibly go wrong?

In. Last year: 6972km. This year: 8000km. Will try for 100000m climbed, too, maybe…

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Just got my first real road ride in. It was only 38km, but I took a route that would be easy to do on a regular basis from my apartment. Once the trails dry up I will be hitting those up and hopefully hitting my goal for 2016.


My goal is total rides as opposed to km. I am trying to hit the trail 300 times this calendar year. That is going to be tough although most weekends from May until October I do two a day on Saturday and Sunday

Rode 22 times in January, 16 in February and 7 so far this month (March)


finally figured out that i could edit the original post to add my goal, wiki style. nice.

anyway, i’m now happy to humbly brag that i’m closing in on 2000km already, and that i should, hopefully, hit that 8k mark this year.


No idea what I ended up getting in last year. I started off 2015 doing a decent job of tracking my rides then totally lost track mid season. Ended up recording amoud 1,000KM last year, likely did 3,000 or so in the end. Hard to tell as I do so many short rides during work that I don’t track and forgot to log pretty much every ride from June - October of last year.

Soo far this year I’ve been good a tracking my rides, and have around 260KM recorded so far on the mtb. I’ll aim for 2,500 recorded KM for this year and see what happens!