2018/19 Winter Trail Conditions


Rode Spider tonight and it was surprisingly good. Mostly crusty snow but quick if you keep to the middle of the line (like hitting the brakes if you got ofd the line and starting busting through the crust). And no boot bombs! Replicator was fast with a few icy sections to keep you on your toes. Was great on the fattie. Only one set of skinny tracks on some of the trails.


Conditions on West Pine today


Snow still firm or has it turned to mush?


It was getting soft in spots when I left there around 3pm. Should firm up nicely overnight.


Was at wrandees on the northwest arm dr side today. I was running short on time and didn’t get too far in, but the singletrack near the road is unreal. Flowy ribbons of hard packed snow.
Anyone been further in?


Spider/Skull conditions are mostly awesome. Replicator, Ribbon, Skull, all awesome. Don’t bother with Inner Peace or the Picnic Loop unless you ride a fatty. Poker run is torn up by a dirt bike.


Thanks for posting conditions at Spider.
Looking to get out tomorrow AM.


Dig out yer snowshoes. We could be in for some prime riding next week if the trails get packed down.


@coaster I am heading to Spider for 9am Saturday


Thanks for the heads up. I cant make 9 but might see you in there.


Irishman’s was pretty good yesterday. Almost no nice, firm snow. A few small trees down, but nothing you can’t ride over or around. We move what wasn’t frozen to the ground.


Spider Lake is great! As long as you stay in the center of the trail. Also I went out to Lake Major, once you tuck off skull trail the sweet spot drops to about 3" wide. I also don’t advice going down to the lake. Also studs needed.


Yep. Good riding in Spider today! Nice chatting with you on the extension. First time I was in ther but wont be the last.


@Coaster2 what trail is that? Never heard anything in there called that


Flip Side was absolutely brilliant today! Best winter studded riding I’ve experienced yet. I’ve only owned studs for about a week but it was awesome to ride something smooth, icy, fast, and flowy! Get out there.

Suzie Q was a slog—not packed down enough and a bit boot bombed. Kept sinking into the snow on my 2.1" studded skinnies.


It’s called Mini Clockwise Loop on Strava. It’s a small in-out with a loop at the end part way out Skull.


We call that Crossbones. Skull and Crossbones…get it!?


Daminion and Flipside are well stomped. May even support a fat bike already.


Wrandees has some decent snow down, some parts are well stomped in. But the top layer of snow doesn’t adhere to the ice underneath making for some potentially treacherous conditions.


Any decent riding anywhere rn?