2018/19 Winter Trail Conditions


You’ll want studs for Victoria Park, but some trails are in better shape than others. Trash Talkin was in great shape despite some ice (ah boot bombing on final section), and Tree Sum was also great.


MacIntosh Run pretty good condition, a few icy spots but nothing too bad. Great ride there today. Good grip on the rocks.


Nine Mile like a lot of the other local trails was boot bombed especially near the trailhead. Bumpy ice but not deep bombs. Quite rideable. I turned onto the doubletrack before the big hill. Unfortunately someone cross-country skiied the doubletrack while it was wet and now there are frozen ski ruts across the ice. Since it’s doubletrack they are mostly easy to avoid. The main trail beyond the doubletrack trail crossing is packed snow and in good shape. Upper part of doubletrack has no ski ruts I was the first bike through and had to break trail in a few places but was all rideable. Three trees down on the lower doubletrack. Rode over two. The other is at knee height and was easy to throw the bike over but could not ride over it.


Hemlock ravine park is great with studs, some boot bombed parts, but most are not deep. Single track (all 100m of it) and double track is good, 20% dirt, 80% ice/snow. It’s not a busy park so it’s a nice easy ride to keep you busy in the winter.


Wrandees is ass.


Here’s some video I shot at Nine Mile today, so you can see trail conditions for yourself. Mostly the doubletrack and a little of the main trail heading to the pond before the camera died from cold. Did not shoot any of the boot-bombed sections.


Spider lake has nice fluffy snow on top of sheer ice. I was starting to worry for the dog’s hips and my wrists- wipeouts frequent and unpredictable despite studs Certainly a waay better once you get onto skull, though.


What’s it like out there? Fat bike paradise?


Icy in the valley under the snow. Less trodden trails are decent for sure.


Wondering the same, I have a window to ride this afternoon and wondering what will be decent with studded skinnies.


It’s been an ice bikers winter in hfx so far. The studless fat bikers deserve something.

The 45North Wrathchilds that @jetter is running are the bomb though. If I had a fat bike I’d definitely sell a limb for a set of those.


The ice isn’t so much the issue, it’s the ATVs that leave ice ruts that make it tough to get through. Rode the trails in Mahone Bay this morning clearing a safe path for fatbikers tomorrow


It makes it tough to ride my bike with a limb missing, but at least my tires stick to the ice like I’m on pavement!


Shubie park, plowed sections down to earth in spots. Walked sections a lot of ice under a layer of powder snow the heavier the traffic the smoother the trail. Secret single track bike tracks only with ice underneath. Snow is very lite powder and skinny tires will work in most situations but fat is where it’s at. Regardless you really need studs to have any success staying up right on all the ice hiding under the snow


Rode a bit of Whopper today. Largely snow covered with a hefty dose of ice underneath, and most of it bootbombed. Studs required.


Nine mile was decent- boot bombed ice covered with a bit of snow made for a bumpy ride and slippery in spots. Rode the double track and some of the single track. Double track was pretty good, the snow is hiding those frozen ski tracks which made for interesting moments when the front wheel encountered them. Beautiful day to be out though.


Given the price, you’ll need to sell several limbs.

I can vouch tho. They are pretty incredible tires.


Yesterdays Spider Lake conditions. Assuming today would of been even better.


Fun video! Skull is so awesome if you edit out all the climbs! hahahaha


Just rode Norawarren. In-out and West pine are boot bombed ice and snow. West pine gets progressively less bombed as you go and the last few hundred meters are golden. Nora/ warren loop is smooth even though it looks boot bombed.