2018/19 Winter Trail Conditions


Victoria Park in Truro is hit-or-miss with a mix of ice and hero dirt. Neil (@nwmenz) got through without studs, but I’m not sure he’s human; I think most people would call it “studs required” in there right now. We hit trails like B&B, Bruce’s Trail, School Daze, Corkscrew, Dive in, Trash Talkin’, McCabe’s Loop (very icy), and Upper Stairway to Heaven (AKA Upper Lyme Disease).


Can you post up a strava map or something? Might head there tomorrow.


I’m not on Strava, but maybe the TrailForks ride log is visible publicly?

TrailForks Ride Log: 2019-02-10


Cool, thanks.


Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please no rain today…


In case anyone’s wondering…


Those red lines are guaranteed to be solid ice by tomorrow morning!

The “maintenance” there is kind of annoying, plow it off while its warm so it freezes slick ice and then spend a week spreading gravel to try and make it grippy. Too bad they couldn’t groom it properly like a ski trail.


Pleasantly surprised, Shubie is mostly packed snow or bare in the areas with winter maintenance, there’s a few icy patches hiding in there. The other spots are boot bombed but probably fine for fat tires

The singletracks are all snowshoed and packed good to go for fat tires but just a bit too soft still for skinny’s (sorry for the rut but I didn’t go too far)


I didn’t go in too far, but for skinnies Fight was a mess today. Large ice patches mixed with snow that had a hefty layer of ice on top. Probably would be a hoot on studs, but I didn’t feel like breaking bones today so stayed away.


The soft snow is too hard to get through.


Did anywhere in Nova Scotia get snow yesterday? Anywhere worth riding that isn’t a skating rink today?


Bowater is bad right now, some of it boot bombed, and some destroyed by some dirt bike idiot who decided to go out in the rain and ruin it for everyone. Its one huge ice rut.
You never see those guys out when its cold and good conditions for everyone, but they come out when it goes above zero and selfishly wreck the trail for everyone else.




Whopper is ok but not great, Flipside is bootbombed ice but fully rideable. We packed down what we could. The power line had large unfrozen sections that were difficult to get through even on the fatty with studs. Suzie-Q alternates between bootbombed ice and pure snow/ice. A fair bit of fun here in places. Lakota way was unridden, so we broke trail and it was decent. Probably even better now.

Scotch is not good at all. Only a few boot tracks in slushy ice has hardened up to a sloggy mess.

If more bikes get out, it will only get better.


Norawarren/west pine is rideable with studs…nothing but boot bombed ice though.

Fight trail is quite good…pretty much bare. Just the odd patches of ice here and there.


Hiking Trail (ice) Road - no problem with studs


@Rockhopper report from 9 mile river?


Empire Trails/Gore are all-time. Very little snow, lots of ice and a bit of hero dirt. We rode nearly every trail today and had an absolute blast. I’d say this is the best riding right now within an hour’s drive of Halifax. No boot bombing at all.

Also, someone has smashed the money box and there were no waivers, so I didn’t leave cash. Will pay double next trip if it’s fixed. Otherwise, if the landowners want to DM me, I’m happy to send an email money transfer or PayPal or whatever


Where is this ? #newbee


On the Trailforks app…Gore/empire trails