Apps, subscription, and decisions

Hey all!

I use Strava to track my rides, not because I am any kind of an athlete but I like stats and trying to improve. There are a number of great apps out there and TrailForks is my go to for trail discovery.

Everyone wants a subscription which I don’t begrudge and am happy to support as a user. But I won’t do it all!

Strava has great features but I find the trail discovery is too focused on segments. TrailForks is great to find trails but lacks the other Strava features.

We only have a 1/2 year biking season (I do anyway. I am not as brave as some on here).

So what do people think? What is worth it? Which is useful or not?

Looking for guidance and inspiration!


You may find some useful info in these previous threads…


I have strava mainlt to log my kms. Its nice to see improvemebt but not my primary goal to get cups and crowns. I ride to get out and away.

I use trailforks to not get lost on new trails that might not have clear as day lines. Espescially where ive gotten turned around in kentville, whopper and even some areas of mrwa

I use only free accounts of strava, trailforks and Garmin connect. Strava for finding unofficial trails and tracking my route paths. trailforks is better than strava for navigating official trails. And garmin for tracking heath stats. but only because I have a garmin watch. Before i had Garmin, strava was good enough for basic stats. I was wondering all this stuff last year. In my opinion the only thing i found memberships had for weekend warriors we’re the ability to let others know where you are, good if you ride alone in unfamiliar areas.

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For me, Trailforks is the go to. It tracks my times for specific loops I do, so I can track my progression. I’m not heavy into the metrics though, so basic features is all I required.

I subscribe to Strava only for the Beacon tool so my wife knows where I am when I’m commuting or mountain biking solo. But, with the price about to triple when my subscription renews this summer, I dunno if I’ll keep it.


I was not aware of that price increase. I’ll definitely be cancelling. Thanks!


@bennett Have you checked the web interface of Trailforks to see if the stats you want are available? The app doesn’t have this stuff, so some people don’t see it.

Besides monthly and annual distance, time, meters climbed, etc, the trail leaderboards can be used to measure your own progress similar to Strava segments. ‘Pro’ subscription is not required. No heart rate or training metrics though.

edit: For emergency and real-time tracking (similar to Strava’s Beacon), Kaarin and I both use Garmin’s service. It is free – once you’ve paid for the Garmin, that is

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Yeah, last time I subscribed, they had carved it up into three separate subscriptions a Safety (Beacon) version, training and competitive or something like that, and I just bought the safety version. Now they’re all combined, so it’s a lot more expensive.

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Damn that sucks

For the data nerds out there, is what i currently use to keep me up on metrics such as fitness, personal bests, ftp. I’m paired to Garmin and use trailforks on occasion for mapping, and its provides all I’d want at this time.
Imo strava has many features similar to social media, infinite scrolling, kudos, and friends lists. has more metrics than i can currently understand, 100% more than i need, but its the best ive found so far.


Whoop is another option, which most pro athletes seem to be using to track health data metrics.

Specifically sleep patterns and recovery, I personally think its worth checking out.

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Whoop ends up being well over $300 per year for the subscription features. It’s super cool tech like you said, but it’s definitely priced above something like strava or trailforks.