Current Trail Conditions

Skyline should be back in action in the next few days with a several new drops and wider lines. We’re keeping the vibe the same and trying to honour original trail as much as possible by keeping the off camber sections and roots intact as much as posable while giving riders above more room to maneuver.

Switchcraft is getting a few short reroutes to add a bit of length and slow the overall pace of the trail down a smidgen. You’ll get a few more jumps and step downs along the way too. I’d say we have 1-2 more days of machine work to do on it to add in some more berms and beef up a few rollers, then it’s packing and hand shaping time. Soil over there was pretty loose and super dry, so it’l take a bit more time to get it all packed in, but yesterdays rain will help a ton with that!


Keppoch Update: Skyline is back open!


Switchcraft is back in action now too. May see a few short closures as work is being completed on the new trail Kodiak beside it but otherwise go have some fun!

We added a few new sections including a new set of turns at the top plus a few traverses mid way to add some distance and get you all a few more features to play on.


Whopper is getting pretty overgrown in places.
Adds to the fun if you ask me, but some people don’t like flying around a corner blind to see a rock in the middle of the trail.

Gore single track is mint right now!
Rides at 11am and 4pm today(Sat)
New pump trail is Ridable (finishing touches are not done) right off event grounds, kids are already loving it!


Rode mac run last nigh lt it was really wet

Theres branches hanging down along the boardwalk from hartlen park they need to be cleared as they are a hazard.

Any idea how Wentworth is with all the rain? Would it need a couple days to dry out?

The BLT Rails to Trails is completely closed due to damage from the heavy rain.


I’ve seen closure notices for all of Victoria Park (Railyard included), Gore Trails, and Wentworth.

SMBARTA Trail from Hubley to Hubbards is closed too due to significant infrastructure issues.

Wentworth posted that most of the trails will be open tommorrow but with thr continued rain that could change tonight

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Nine Mile is open. Some erosion ruts on some of the hills, which we’ll repair this weekend, but other than that, no significant damage to the trail.


Lake Loop in Fight is very overgrown but way more dry then expected.

Be careful of a fallen tree right before the knackered bridge that goes into the rock race into the swamp.

The dh step down section after that also has some serious washout and lots of loose marbly stuff on blind drops.



Haven’t seen it myself, but most of the bridges in Gore are damaged.

Grey mountain

The good: singletrack is in pretty good shape. Few muddy spots and some of the newer trails are pretty soft.

The bad: the climb road is completely washed out and damn near unclimbable. You can tell people are climbing it but my god its a brutal climb now. Did 2 climbs up it and had to hike 3/4 of the way then decided to see if theres another way. If you keep going down Eldridge rd for about 10-15 mins theres a trail on your right thats the backside of the original climb road. Its in pretty good shape and takes you right to the top of KAZ.


can anyone comment on the state of the Railyard? Thanks

Some hikers reported it was really muddy yesterday, likely needs another day at least to dry out. :man_shrugging:t3: With so much rain, it seems like most places are reaching capacity for absorption, unlike a normal August where the rain would barely be noticed afterward.

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Whopper has held up to the monsoon season with the exception of the bridge getting washed out. It’s intact, just needs a group ride to move it back in to place.



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There’s a culvert slightly washed-out on Gutterball, about halfway down…