Current Trail Conditions

Skyline should be back in action in the next few days with a several new drops and wider lines. We’re keeping the vibe the same and trying to honour original trail as much as possible by keeping the off camber sections and roots intact as much as posable while giving riders above more room to maneuver.

Switchcraft is getting a few short reroutes to add a bit of length and slow the overall pace of the trail down a smidgen. You’ll get a few more jumps and step downs along the way too. I’d say we have 1-2 more days of machine work to do on it to add in some more berms and beef up a few rollers, then it’s packing and hand shaping time. Soil over there was pretty loose and super dry, so it’l take a bit more time to get it all packed in, but yesterdays rain will help a ton with that!