Current Trail Conditions

Theres a ton of loose rock on mac run, specially duck n run, granitude and orange jelly. Also been noticing that duck n run is becomint very over grown making turns tight.

Yesterday there was two guys on clark kent riding electic moto cross style motorbikes… not ebikes. Didnt get a chance to say something though


Kentville area trails running dry and fast.


They have been spotted a few times.

What is protocol in this instance if were to say somwthing. Simply advise them that their bikes arent permitted on the trail system. And hope a mrwa member spots them?

Unsure what the rules on them are, or how it can realistically be enforced.

I also saw the same (presumably) two moto riders out last week. I’m not one for confrontation, so I didn’t say anything either. Is there anything we should do? I’m really only concerned about the possible damage done to the trails

Good point but id also be concerned if they try to get one of those up to higher speeds and come up on someone and hit them

I think its more about the culture they are creating.
Same happened with Motos a decade or so ago, a few of them started riding mtb trails and over time it just became the norm.

Trail damage? Lets talk about groups of 30+ trail runners on fresh trail.

One Moto can easily do more damage on almost any trail than 30 trail runners on fresh trail. Trail runners do a lot of volunteer work at McIntosh Run too, please don’t start unnecessary fights.

Motos aren’t allowed in McIntosh Run, and we can “thank” them for the additional repairs to be done that will prevent new trail from being built due to limited resources.

Its a discussion, not a fight.

When did the mtb community loose sight of the ability to discuss potential threats to our “shared trails”

Your telling me 30 stomping feet on fresh trail causes zero impact?

I keep looking for trail networks started by runners and just cant seem to find any.



Coming from a running background a lot of these folks contribute to community trails that are multi use and not solely for MTB.

And to be fair a lot of these individuals where suits and sit on boards that allow MTB’ers to build new trails although not necessarily multi use.

So again choose your battles but be careful where you direct those arrows.

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For sure, i used to run as much as I rode mtb before it blew up. I miss it a-lot actually.

The question is still out there though, what long term impact are runners causing that isn’t being taken into consideration? If any.

Blanket saying there aren’t any is total BS.

Totally understand the granite in mrwa isnt going anywhere but the game is changing.

Its a whole other factor being introduced to one system thats never really been looked at.

Studies I’ve read have shown runners/hikers having the same impact of bikers. Of course when the trail is soft, way more damage occurs.


Soft fresh trail makes sense that it will do damage. Coming from a construction background walking around freshly layed top soil around foundations and how we woild sink in the ground.

As for moto i cant remember the specific trail name at bowater but its along the lake and theres a ton of chewn up dirt and roots from the motocross bikes. It is a multiuse trail so cant say much just noting what it does

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“ * To report prohibited trail activities and regulations infractions, please contact the appropriate landowner and MRWA. Halifax can be reached through 311. For complaints on Crown Land, call 1-800-565-2224 (24 hour line). A map of Crown versus HRM Park land can be viewed by enabling ‘polygons’ under ‘layers’ on Trailforks and MRWA’s online trail map.”


The B.L.T. trails to trails is re-opened though apparently it’s still rough in places. The SMBARTA is open between Hubley and Head of St Margaret’s Bay then is closed through to Island view drive in Boutlier’s Point at which point it’s re-opened to Hubbards. It is also very rough in places.


There’s a tree down on Bloodline. At the bottom of the short descent that leads into swampface/fuckface.

Too big for two of us to move but a decent hand saw could get through it.


Railyard was really really wet and muddy today

Gore was also really sloppy today.

Strange, i rode under that on Thursday. Someone must have pulled it down.