Current Trail Conditions

Norawarren and the closer side of Boulderama look a lot like this, with a thin channel of boot-packed ice and muck on either side. West Pine has a lot more mixed conditions with mud, ice, and bootbombed hardpack snow that’s getting softer as we speak. Granitude was clearing up nicely but also has some ice in the shadier spots and some muck in the sunny areas. With any luck the upcoming week of mild temps will let it melt/drain a bit more and clear up for some riding next weekend.


Trails are about to get mushy everywhere for a while

Grab your jump bike and hit the skate park folks, your builders will thank you!


On that note, The Farm is closed to obvious reasons.

We will monitor and open up if there are flash freezes.

Thanks for your understanding and stay tuned.



Walked a quick loop of West Pine and Boulderama with the dogs today and things are shaping up very nicely. Hero dirt with some muddy holes that will likely soften up as soon as the temps warm up very shortly this am, but things are 99% snow free. Just a little bit of washout near the spare lumber on Gutterball but nothing serious.


Some ice in spots at McIntosh Run but things are melting. It’s starting to get soft between the granite. It’ll be messy very shortly.

Does anyone know what’s going on here? Roughly (44.6930321, -63.8560863). Maybe @supercraig ?


I’m curious if there was some culvert or erosion damage to the trail with the recent rain. I noticed that the stream along the Bay Road near Hiking Trail road was flowing pretty good the other day.

Brush clearing on the sides of the trail. They’ve had some damage to their machinery recently so it’s best avoided.

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The bridge on Hiking Trail Rd was washed out last summer. Apparently it’s being replaced this spring.


@robk here’s the answer about the bridge

Yeah, I saw that when I was driving past the EHS station the other day. There was some moto tracks going around the sign SMH


Bowater Gravel is a mix between greasy hard-pack, soft sandy mix and blind washouts and random wheel swallowing holes.


Don’t forget the hub deep water crossings and random nails from pallet fires lol.

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Cant wait for hunting season when theres random animal body parts everywhere.


@Enduro_Performance any word on the status of the Farm? Is it dried out and good to go?

Hey man

Going in for some recce today, will report on the official channels.

Thanks for the interest.



For April, McIntosh is impressively dry at the moment. Get it while you can!


Bowater is currently dry for the most part, with a few mud holes typical of loamers. The exception is Boreal Line. The lower part of Boreal Line towards Shoreline on the old road is extremely muddy.

The bridge over the Indian River on Hiking Trail Rd. is still out. I’ve heard that it is being replaced this spring.