DJ Parks Current Conditions

What state are the local DJ parks in?

Silas Quentin Park Hammonds Plains


Leeward Dirt Jumps Hammonds Plains

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@supercraig there’s a bike park thread here if you want to keep it going…

Nova Scotia Bike Park Info (Dirt Jumps/BMX/4-Cross/Mountain Bike Skills)


Vic park is good

glenbourne is good, though im not a fan of what they did before the jumps. they added in a gap then a roller, then the 2 tables. the tables themselves are good but I don’t see any need for the roller. pump tracks in good shape too.

Just my opinion but the gap is good because if you can’t do that then you definitely wouldn’t be confident with the tables just because of how they are a bit bigger. And the roller is just for a bit extra speed


I agree, I just find the roller a bit awkward. took me a bit to get used to. that being said the people who are working on them and maintaining them are doing a really good job.


At fall river right now. First time here in a long time and they are still pretty good.


I haven’t visited any of the jumps yet this year. In previous conversation with @nimzie who maintains the HRM jumps, gaps are not approved by the city, tabletops only. The locals who mod the jumps between HRM maintenance often dig out the gaps.

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Just my opinion but we need gaps here that are built well otherwise there will be sketchy gaps that people don’t like and also there is no way to progress at jumping past a certain level anywhere in NS. The glenbourn jumps are no question the biggest and most fun around. Also sorry but I’m pretty sure there is a way to go around the gap and hit the jump but as i said earlier the gap is like a third of the table size so it wouldn’t be a problem if you want to hit the table

We are aware that people are changing the jumps. The city struggles with this every year, and every year I battle to keep the parks open and maintained. It’s not an easy sell. Changes like these jeopardize the program almost every year.

Want them changed? Follow the protocol: call your city councillor and/or 311. Tell them how much you love and use the parks and that they’re wearing out. Even though you might use this park - even more than others and it feels like yours, this is a city asset. For you to use and learn on. We have had unprecedented use at these parks over the past 3 seasons and that’s really positive. The best is seeing young riders progress.

We appreciate opinions around progression etc, but we didn’t make these gaps and won’t be introducing them at this park this year. It’s just not a risk we advise the city to take. There’s absolutely nothing to be gained training wise - just increased liability. Not something even on the table this year due to the pandemic.

I ask you to please think like a community, not an individual during these times.

It is our hope to get the parks all done properly again this year but once again - budgets and pandemic. It’s a hard sell trying to get priority over just about anything right now.

Your calls to councillors DO help tremendously, and I ask that if you do have feedback around the parks that you please phone them.


If it’s gaps you want, grab a couple of buddies, go find a nice spot in the woods where people don’t go much and start digging! City parks are for having some fun with easy access and no sneaking around.


If you want to know who your local councillor is, here’s the website:

My kids and I have been having a great time riding Glenbourne, and I have noticed that there are new additions being built. Going to drop Zurawski a line and see if some maintenance can be done.


It’s there for to pump, doesn’t mean you need to however.

And yes I dug a slight gap into that first set up jump to discourage people that have no business even riding that line.

It’s the one proper place to ride in all of NS and we don’t need people riding over the lips damaging them and have minimal skill to be be attempting them, it just ruins it for anyone else trying to ride the one decent spot around here.

I’ve seen so many kids eat shit when that gap wasn’t there, just cruising into the line with no regard for themselves or how to jump a bike, that’s not where you begin to learn, there’s steps to this stuff.

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I understand what you are saying but at the end of the day the city could shut them down because they don’t want “gaps” we went through this with the city years ago at Fall River.

like I said I see what you are saying and I myself have no problem riding them like they are now but its not up to us.


It’s hard to make both sides happy it seems. On one side making the large jumps rollable speeds up wear and tear on lips, and allows riders that are not able to, A: clear them, or B: don’t know how to bail/minimize injury when trying to clear them. On the other hand digging out everything to make gaps to only allow experienced riders clear them. This is good for lips and injury reduction, but also decreases the number of people that ride or bring their kids to the park, which in terms keeps the city from tearing down.

I think a joint effort will be key, between pros and beginners. And common sense, if you see kids/ people walking on the lips, or riding when it’s wet, inform them that it causes damage.

A lot of people that ride there may not know the damage or risk that they are taking when skipping straight to the big jumps. So creating awareness and mutual respect for all levels of riders and jumps is key.

A reshaping of the second table in the line up I think would help keep people that shouldn’t be riding it in check, right now anyone can clear it with 0 skills, which makes people who are not comfortable in the air feel more confident then they may actually be. So I think reshaping the lip for a steeper take off could be useful.

This topic is definitely a hot one and my goal is not to start beef. I hope everyone keeps safe and uses their judgment when riding!

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I’m not making them all gaps, it was just the first set up to make a “squirrel catcher”

They aren’t going to be set up so its “equal” for everyone, its a bigger line, learn how to ride it and start on small stuff or don’t at all. Go fix up the smaller jumps to learn on.

Adam or whatever the city is comes by like twice a year or something, jumps take constant upkeep, It’s not my job to fix stuff for everyone, learn how to dig.

What reshaping of the second lip? it’s steep right now for tricks.

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The “city” could have shut them down since day 1 of me digging anything there since 15yrs ago.

I’ll take my chances on a small deterrent gap on a set up jump.

@Cmacmil you probably won’t get much support here. If you didn’t build them or own the land or been hired to maintain them you should not be altering them

Trail builders take this stuff seriously. There are lots of trail builders on here

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