From the crypt

Would be cool to have footage of you doing that huge yard sail off that tree stunt in fight trail way back then too!
How you didn’t get hurt is a mystery.

I still have a ton of older pics and vids from the early 2000’s, all locked on a hard drive I have no power adapter for. I need to find a way to get that thing working.


Yeah…lol… my confidence was well beyond my ability. And riding a Kona Firemountain with RST pogo stick didn’t help. :roll_eyes:

I still love this:

Janet and I often ask each other if we’re pushing it. :slight_smile:




From the Jimmy K retro collection as seen in the first picture with mike as the pilot

Once upon a time, this handsome grand wizard granted upon me this jersey with great wisdom. I forget what he said, but the jersey is pretty fricken sweet.

Looking at width of some of those handle bars has me so squeamish. I couldn’t imagin going back to that now haha.

I think I might have one of their videos at home, I will have to dig through the archives.

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I’ve got some copies of Nick Vail’s Fly’n High video here somewhere. Tonnes of mad FRB action.


Early freeride

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Did some digging and found this. I think this is just a teaser. Further digging in the archives means looking through hundreds of DVD’s,buried in a closet.

I also found some video I shot of a “snowcross” race at Martock, I think from 2003. No fatbikes :wink:


I can’t believe I forgot about street fame! I must have a copy of that or fly’n high kicking around somewhere.

Those are the guys who really got me into biking and taught me a lot, if it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t be so involved in biking, if at all.


Man that is so fun, I wonder what happened? why is there no more event like this anymore? did the cool guys got old and young ones just got bum?

The ownership of Martock changed, and there were a few dumbass incidents involving some property damage.

That can be reinforced by proper management! Still not a reason way no bike events in NS compared to NB.

We got tired of hosting cool events where everyone bitched about the price (only sort of kidding). Most of us moved on to other things, or we wanted to ride more and plan less.

TrailFlow has certainly stepped up and put on some cool events, but it seems like very few people actually participate. I did a fun Enduro and there were like 12 people there. I have no interest in hosting something that doesn’t get enough people to break even.

If you want something like this to happen, step up and organize it.


Hard thoughts on that for sure! Thanks to Ryan and Michelle for the hard work on putting those events. Too bad some events are cancelled Due to weather woes. also I do seem to realize that biking scenes here are pretty partition groups like roadies vs
Mtb’s and general public’s overview of cycling is really a minority. Different places different cultures as well as bike scenerios. An event like Critical Mass ride would certainly get cycling people gather together to promote cycling as way of lifestyle to the public to recognized too.
too bad For me I’m fairly new to the province had to build connection as well like minded friends for me get an event organized, someday though.

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I dunno about gravity but there are more than enough road and mtb events happening each summer.

For a reason why, I guess its because nobody wants to organize a gravity event and nobody wants to go to a gravity event. I’ve seen results where there are like twelve people in attendance ffs.

That and people acting all Missy Giovish after they crossed the finish line. It was pretty fun while it lasted, though. Always preferred Martock over Wentworth, mostly just because of the reduced driving time.

Yup it can be a big bummer when only 10 people come out to an event. We struggle with it every year. Do we not offer gravity events and let ‘the scene’ die or hope someone else will start hosting gravity events or do we host gravity events hoping that it will support the gravity ‘scene’.

This year we are fortunate enough to have partnered with the Town of Kentville to produce the Kentville/ TrailFlow MTB Challenge Series. The town has agreed to insure the events so we can get away with super low participant fees and no BNS sanction. We’re hoping to grow the gravity scene at a grassroots level. I guess we will see how attendance goes?