Trailflow Cutting New Trail

Trail looks sweet, @pepperjester! Where’s this?


Irishman’s Rd

That bit looks nice n flowy.

Thanks guys. Yesterday was a great dig day. Work conditions are still a bit spotty. There are still a fair bit of areas that are frozen or wet but things are getting better out there all the time.

This segment will be a really nice little xc loop and will have connections to some existing double track trails.

I’ll have to get you some more photos soon!

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More fresh dirt!


I don’t usually get all emotional…but…gosh…I’m all choked up at the sight of new awesome trail!

Don’t cry Mike!

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Tears of joy! And the wind in my eyes, flying around the corner…

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Where exactly is Irishman’s Road?

Yeah what Brent said!

p/s I’lll be on site tomorrow doing some digging if any one wants a tour of the new work. PM me for details.

looks sick

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Nice work Ryan and crew!

Went down on Saturday and had a quick little tour. Lots of good work being done by our friends at trail flow.:+1:


Another pic from Trailflow:

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This segment is now open along with two other new short bits. We’ve been making a few updates to some existing trails at the site too that are starting to come together and make a nice loop!

Looks so awesome, Ryan!

Thanks Jeff!

More good times to come :slight_smile:

What’s the tech level? I’m hoping I can bring my daughter (9yo).

First tracks!

@JeffV, I’d say tech for the new stuff is the same as Wolfville Reservoir, smooth but twisty and narrow. The older stuff is rougher but much wider. Note that they aren’t marked so study the map/strava before you go
I’d gladly be a tour guide as well.