What lights are people using?

What lights are people using for their night rides. I see people out there all the time and want to get back there but know my lights aren’t bright enough.

I just ordered a light off Amazon that’s 2400 lumen . Cost $50

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I’m running some LeZyne 1000 XL’s, might have some LeZyne 800 XL’s that I can let go. I bought extra for Tammy but she’s not so into night riding. Let me check with her.

PS: Boycott Amazon. :wink:


I had crappy old Magicshine lights for ten years so when my batteries finally wore out enough that I was changing them 3x in a two hour ride I broke and asked for a new light for Christmas. Fortunately I got to pick it out. Also fortunately it was on sale. So expensive but the best light I’ve seen on anyone’s bike ever. Often I don’t even notice that I forgot to turn my helmet light back on until I hit really tight turns in singletrack. That battery has lasted over two hours on adaptive mode in sub-freezing temps and still showed 15%. This light is very highly recommended. I’ve loaned it to friends who immediately bought one too. The Best Handlebar Bike Light | Outbound Lighting | Trail Evo


@jaytulk there’s several lighting threads with more info. Here’s a couple of the more recent ones:


Couldn’t find anything locally over 500 lumen

Did you try MEC? In the past they’ve had a pretty good selection of lights. Their website says they have a 1000-lumen Light and Motion in stock for $120, and an MEC brand for 750-lumen for $65.

You could also check with @riderx at Valley Stove and Cycle. They’ve had some nice Lezyne lights in store.

Hmm last time I was in they had next to nothing… I do need to find something that I can mount to my helment… it has a go pro mount factory built into it… I haven’t seen any lights with that hardware that are in stock

MEC used to have a wider range of lights and accessories. They’ve cut back on their selection quite a bit.

The Light and Motion stuff is pricey, but it’s good quality and they have a pretty good range of accessories. There are gopro mounts available for their lights:

I use a Light and Motion Seca 1500. Great light. I have a Gopro mount on my helmet, but I don’t use it for my light, because I can mount the light just above my visor, and still run the Gopro on the helmet mount if I want. My Seca looks like the current Seca 1800. Their current Seca 1500 is their old Taz.

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We have some ravemen 1600, and 1200 lumen in stock. The 1600 comes witb a wireless remote and had some serious run time. The 1200 comes with a wired remote.

I’ve been using the 1600 helmet mounted (mount seperate) for the past year or so. It’s a great light. I generally do not use it on the highest setting and am getting 5 hours or more of run time. I’ve also used the option to use it as a power source to charge my phone while camping.


The 1600 is 189.99 plus tax, and the 1200 is 134.99 plus tax. Ask for me and I’m sure I can do something for you.


I have one of the 650 lumen MEC lights and it’s an excellent backup or secondary light. I usually run a Serfas 2500 with the light on my helmet and the battery in my waist pack and rarely feel the need for a second light. It’s pricey, though, and I only got it because I got a staff discount at the time.

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Sportwheels is showing a few lights in stock in the 800-1100 lumen range.

Ya the “Ravemen” 1200 for me , wired remote is great and quick to mount and the battery life is really good and with the “battery life” in digital screen is cool. Like Mike said you can use the USB out to charge your phone or connect to PC I suppose…

Cheers …Ride bikes, ride bike, ride bikes😜


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I’m using a 3 lights I got from MEC over the years.

Vis 1000 - on my helmet. Decently light weight.

Vis 500 - backup or loaned

Apex-750 on the bars - just a little too heavy on the helmet for my liking:

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I bought a Lezyne 1,000 from Dan at Bike and Bean for my helmet, and I run one of these on my bar.


I’ve been running that light for over five years, with daily use as a commuting flasher and occasional night rides. It’s just started to develop charging issues, so I replaced it with another (The first time I bought it, it was only $35!). Amazing quality light, great battery life and the most annoying and visible flashing pattern I’ve ever seen.

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I currently have two Niterider Luminas. Usually the 1100 goes on the bars since it’s slightly heavier and the 850 on the helmet. The mounts are the same so I can easily switch them if needed. On group rides I usually run them on medium and it’s fine. By myself I’ll run them on high or boost mode. No complaints from me on these! Mounts are nice and snug, battery life is great, brightness and beam patterns are great.

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rn120, a cheap light. I buy it from olight.